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If you have any questions about the game, check out the Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link and Discord server for answers!

Looking for Xeno Online 2 Trello Link & Discord? We have got you covered in this Xeno Online 2 guide!

Xeno Online 2 is a popular Dragon Ball Z inspired game released on the Roblox platform. However, if you are just getting started you will need to explore the internet for various information. Understanding the game is very much essential if you want to gain the best information on how to do certain things in the Xeno Online 2 game.

To help you understand everything there is to know about the game, we’ll tell you where to locate the Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link page.

Without ado, let us get started with this Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link guide!

Xeno Online 2 Trello Link & Discord Server Guide

Basic introduction, game mechanics, races, traits, controls, and other general information are all covered in the Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link. A lot of information can be quickly absorbed by going through the Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link page. Due to everything being available on the same page, Trello is a little easier than a typical Wiki page.

Here is the Roblox Xeno Online 2 Trello link, if you ever needed to stay updated with latest news, Roblox Xeno Online 2 guide, and update patch notes.

Have more questions about Xeno Online 2 game? Visit the Xeno Online 2 Discord server to stay in touch the community.

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Latest Xeno Online 2 Update – Patch Notes

Here is the patch notes of latest Xeno Online 2 content updates:-

Content Update

  • → AFK World added for premium players that lets you gain spins while AFKing {PREMIUMS GET A SPIN, NONPREMIUMS JUST GET ZENI}
  • → Prestige system added via dragonballs (IE if you prestige you get alternative forms/small bp gain buff)
  • → Dragonballs now have MANY more wishes and a new UI for wishes
  • → Prestiging requires 10 mil bp and shenron summon the rewards for BP is a Base BP Multiplier when prestiging, and a special form correlating to your race

Bug Fixes

  • → Fixed the npc’s not attacking back on planets
  • → Fixed SpongeBob SquarePants npc
  • → Fixed Ki Blast’s (they work now)
  • → Yardrat Form fixed
  • → Pure progress fixed
  • → Bojack FP fixed
  • → Demonback fixed

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