World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes – Get free gift packs

Here’s a collection of all the World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes that you can redeem to get a head start ahead of the competition. Depending on the code, you can get various combinations of avatar items, gold, gems, credits, and other special rewards.

The World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes are also only valid for a limited time. Therefore, we strongly advise that you start using them right away. Furthermore, this list of World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes is updated frequently, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

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Let us now get started with this list of new World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes.

World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes

World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes

The most recent working World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes are listed here.

  • 20220714 → Redeem this World of Asterra code for free items.

As stated in our post, be cautious to enter the World of Asterra Dragons Codes precisely as written above. If you don’t, you might discover that they won’t function for you, which would indicate that you may have entered them wrong.

How To Get More World of Asterra Codes?

As new World of Asterra Codes become available we will be updating this list. If you wish to communicate with other gamers, you can join their Discord server. You check always back often to see what has just been added to this page as we will be keeping track of any new World of Asterra gift codes.

World of Asterra: Dragons Rise Features

The gods have abandoned us… abandoned us to face the sinister monsters that relish in their absence. Now our world is but strife and calamity, one following the other, day after day.

And yet, against all odds, we persist.

We persist, hoping for the day a courageous Lord will rally the heroes of legends past to drive the Darktide back from whence they came.

A new chapter is dawning on the land of Asterra. Will you be the Lord that shapes its story?

  • Experience the game in an authentic 3D perspective – Play the game with fully 3D, high-definition graphics. Journey through Asterra’s diverse lands, grand strongholds, and epic battles as though you were watching a movie!
  • Join grand Alliances and fight for a common cause – Gather your friends and form Alliances to battle ever-growing threats! Lay siege to enemy Alliances and experience the thrill of all-out warfare!
  • Wage wars and execute strategies in real-time – Take the fight to your enemy’s doorsteps by utilizing your knowledge of warfare, terrain, and tactics in this sandbox-style strategy game. Control the flow of battle and execute difficult combat maneuvers against your enemies!

Those are all of the World of Asterra Dragons Rise Codes that are currently available for players to redeem!

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