What is Ranked Play in Clash Mini? – Clash Mini Ranked Play Guide

In this Clash Mini ranked play guide, we will discuss the most commonly asked question, “what is ranked play in Clash Mini” mobile game? But before we dive deep into what is ranked play in Clash Mini, lets us establish some things first:

  • Clash Mini ranked game modes are not for everyone, so you will never be forced to play ranked in Clash Mini in order to progress your Minis and Heroes. I would encourage everyone to try it out and use up your Challenge Coins, if only to get some additional rewards for your efforts.
  • We all agree that leagues can often feel like a grind in a lot of other games, so progressing through the ranks will be fairly easy in Clash Mini up to a certain point. The exception is the Legendary League. Which is where all the hardcore players can go crazy and fight to be in the top 1000 global ranking.
  • Matchmaking is hard, like really hard. The matchmaking in Clash Mini is custom-built and there are a lot of things we can do in order to ensure fair games, but we will need to experiment with it and get your feedback to find where we can improve. Try not to get too bent out of shape if someone has 1 higher Hero level than you, or a Mini you don’t have yet. You probably got matched with them because you have the skills to pay the bills.

Now, let get back to our main Clash Mini ranked play guide:

If you are new to the game and want to know the basis first, then check out this Clash Mini Wiki and guide.

What is Ranked Play in Clash Mini?

what is ranked play in clash mini

What is a Challenge Coin in Clash Mini?

  • This is a currency you require to start a Clash Mini ranked match.
  • If you don’t have any, you can play regular matches in any mode as much as you like.
  • You also get a certain amount per day for free and can earn them as rewards, and buy them using both gold and gems.
  • Your inventory can hold 5 Challenge Coins at a time, so you should use them as you get them, as you can’t stockpile them
  • There is a limit to how many Challenge Coins can be purchased per day in the shop to mitigate rank inflation at the highest leagues

How do I play a Ranked Match in Clash Mini?

  • First thing, that you need to do is get a Challenge Coin.
  • Now, select the Clash Mini Ranked Game Mode you wish to play (Duel or Rumble for now)
  • Finally, tap on Play button on the main screen.
  • Remember that the Challenge Coin is consumed when your match starts.

Who will I play against in a Ranked Match?

  • In general this depends on your league, your win rate and your player level, though there are other factors as well that are too detailed for this discussion.
  • In ranked matches, you will be given tougher opponents than usual. It’s called a Challenge Coin for a reason, after all. How much tougher your opponents are will depend mostly on your League.

What happens if I win/lose the match in Clash Mini?

  • First place finish gets the most rank points, 2nd gets less, so on and so forth.
  • Then the 5th-8th (or the loser in duel mode) will get very few points in lower leagues and in higher leagues they will even lose ranked points.
  • The amount of rank points you gain/lose is fixed and is determined by your league. There is no MMR/skill differential.

What do Rank Points do?

  • Your total rank points determine which league you are in.
  • If you reach the top Clash Mini Legend League, Rank points are used to determine the global top 1000 players who appear on the leaderboard.

What is Clash Mini League?

  • There are currently 15 Leagues (Bronze 3 → Legend)
  • At Silver 3, you unlock 2 additional boards that can randomly appear in any match you play (ranked or regular).
  • So it’s important to play a little of ranked to get access to the additional boards.
  • You will unlock more boards by progressing through the ranks and as we add more to the game over time.
  • The higher your league, the more gold you will earn for each ranked match you play.

Clash Mini Season Reset FAQ’s

Season Reset:

Q: Do you reset Minis and Heroes?

A: Only Minis get reset, and they only reset their star’s progression.

Q: Do all abilities & upgrades of Minis change in a new season?

A: NO. Mostly they will change upgrades of some select Minis so that minis keep their core identity, but get a modern update that includes some new mechanics introduced in that season.

Q: What is in a Star Box?

A: It depends on how many stars you cash in, but the short answer is Lots of the new season Minis to get you started, lots of gold, gems, probably a bunch of Hero fragments and more stuff in the future as we implement new features.

Q: How often will season resets happen?

A: At first they will be focusing on bringing new features like Mini Clans, so the first reset might take longer but at some point in the future, let’s hope a season reset happens every 2-3 months (exact time TBD)

Q: What happens if I skip a season?

A: Reset is applied based on the progress you had the last time you logged in. If you got max stars in season 1, but only logged in again at season 4, you will get the top-tier season 4-Star Box.

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