Viking Rise is now open for pre-registration

Viking Rise is now open for pre-registration on Android & iOS

The Android and iOS mobile gamers have been waiting for a Vikings simulator game for quite some time. That’s where Viking Rise comes in, it is a new online multiplayer war strategy game developed by the IGG Inc game studios. They are most famously known for creating games such as Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, Castle Clash: World Ruler, and many others.

Through their official social media profiles, they have also announced the first closed beta testing will take place on 27th December at 5:00 (UTC).

Viking Rise CBT date announcement

Here is what the developers shared about the CBT on the official Facebook account of Viking Rise:

Greetings, Chief! Here’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for. OBT is officially launching in three days! You still have time to pre-register in the Google Play Store for this launch.

You will start your journey alongside Ivor to defeat the Niflungs and expand your territory. This will be a dangerous mission, but together with your trusted troops and heroes, you will be able to overcome any adversity!

Here are more details regarding this launch:

Launch date: 12/27 5:00 (UTC)

Regions: GB, CA, SG, PL, NO and some nordic countries and regions.

Pre-register now:

For players using iOS or in other countries, we are working on releasing the game as soon as possible for you all and will continue to keep you updated on our social media platforms!

In the run-up to the release, the team at will also be giving away some special Amazon gift cards via their Discord server.

All you have to do is guess the lucky numbers and win Amazon gift cards. It’s very easy, and you can try your luck multiple times throughout the event.

To find out the results you can head to the official Discord server and visit the #santa-giveaway channel for full details and instructions anytime. Here are the official Discord server link and winning gift card amount details:

  • Official Viking Rise Discord –
  • Event Period: 12/19–12/23
  • Prizes: US$10 Amazon Gift Card x3, US$5 Amazon Gift Card x2

For the time being, that’s all we know about Viking Rise pre-registration and release date. Come back later for more updates and announcements.






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