Tower of Fantasy Door Code List – Password Guide For Navia Truck Door

Looking for TOF Navia Truck door password? We have got you covered in this TOF guide!

Tower of Fantasy door code guide we will give you the code that is required to open the lock of a truck in the Navia region of TOF.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are several doors; normal and electronic doors that open only after you type in a password. Some of these door codes are simple to figure out, while others call for extensive research where you need to find the hints and solve some difficult puzzles.

In this Tower of Fantasy door code guide we will only give you a code to unlock the door of a truck in Navia region. As, we come across more door passwords in Tower of Fantasy we will update this list soon afterwards.

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Tower of Fantasy Door Code

Tower of Fantasy Door Code List – Password Guide

This truck’s approximate coordinates in Navia’s northwest region are -648.3, -845.1. The given Tower of Fantasy door code hint is as follows:

“The first and second digits are the same, the third and fourth are also the same; the third digit is greater than the second digit by 1.”

As you’ve seen, obtaining the Tower of Fantasy door code generally requires some exploration on your part. It is, however, nothing you couldn’t figure out on your own after a few attempts.

But, if you still are not able to find the Tower of Fantasy door password then here is the electronic lock password list of the door:

  • 3344

A Type I Supply Pod with Navia Exploration Points x10, Gold x220, EXP x3,702, Dark Crystal x20, and Black Nucleus x1 are located inside the truck.

Tower of Fantasy Electronic Lock Password

Location HT201 Shelter (85.0, 967.0)

  • Electronic Lock Correct Password:1647

Location The Lumina (788.0, 670.0)

  • Electronic Lock Correct Password:1024

Location The Lumina (734.0, 849.0)

  • Deconstruction Device – PDC2 Correct Password:7268

Location Seaforth Dock (515.0, 768.5)

  • Electronic Lock Correct Password:3594

Location Miners’ Camp(376.6, 245.3)

  • Deconstruction Device – PDC1 Correct Password:4753

Location North Seventh Day Forest (-536.8, -448.9)

  • Electronic Lock Correct Password:2202

Location Navia (-757.8, -569.9)

  • Signal Station Password:5972

Location Navia (-645.1, -849.1)

  • Password Memory Puzzle Password:3344

Location Aarniel Fortress (380.7, -832.5)

  • Deconstruction Device – PDW1 Password:8521

Location Secret Aida Base Dawn Frontier (651.1, -1242.8)

  • Code-locked Door:7092

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