Top 3 Shield Maiden Deck in Clash Mini (NEW)

In this Clash Mini guide, you will find some great competitive top 3 Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini. The established meta has been thoroughly disrupted by the release of new cards. Players of Clash Mini are having a hard time figuring out the best Clash Mini decks for the current meta.

Shield Maiden is one of the best heroes in Clash Mini. Archer and Barbarian are only winnable with the right conditions and the Monk is good but like not as good as Shield Maiden in Clash Mini. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of top 3 Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini utilizing almost every strong character. If you enjoy Clash Mini, we also have a complete Clash Mini Wiki guide, Clash Mini Magic Archer deck and more stuff in our Clash Universe section.

Top 3 Shield Maiden Deck in Clash Mini

Top 3 Shield Maiden Deck in Clash Mini

Best Shield Maiden Deck by iTzu [ENG] – Clash of Clans

This is the first Shield Maiden deck in our top 3 Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini guide. If you master this deck properly, you can easily push over 3000 trophies in a short period of time. Due to their shields, the Skeleton Guard and Shield Maiden are more dependable at the front. Meanwhile, your Magic Archer, Electro Wizard and Spear Goblin provides support from the back line.

Any extra damage is mitigated, as Shield Maiden and Skeleton Guard can strengthen their resistance against enemy spells or other powerful attacks. A lone Miner can also be effectively countered by the Skeleton Guards. They can resist a hit from the Miner and destroy him before he does any critical damage.

Best Shield Maiden Deck by Kashman TV

This is the second Shield Maiden deck in this top 3 Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini guide. Mini Pekka and Shield Maiden at the front can be a deadly combo. Mini Pekka has a high damage output and moderate hit points. He wears gray metal armor and wields a scaled-down version of the P.E.K.K.A’s sword. As your enemy troops gets engaged with them at the front, your Miner can sneak from the back and eliminate any possible support troops.

Electro Wizard, Archer and Bowler can be good at the back. While the Bowler can stun enemy troops, your Archer can deal extra damage to the far away troops, giving you an easy win.

Best Shield Maiden Deck by MR PK CLASHER

This is the third and final deck in our top 3 Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini guide. This Shield Maiden deck in Clash Mini is super powerful if used correctly. You have Pekka, Shield Maiden and Miner engaging directly with the enemies in the front. Meanwhile, Magic Archer, Electro Wizard and Wizard can provide a deadly combo support from the back.

Electro Wizard deal half of his total damage if there are two enemy troops. As a result, when the Electro Wizard attacks two targets, he will deliver half of his full potential damage to each. If there is only one target in his range, he will do all the damage possible to it. This makes him a game changer in the later stages of the battle.

Clash Mini Deck Building Tip

When it comes to determining what to bring to battle, building decks for yourself to try out different combinations is really helpful. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference, and you can try a variety of alternative combinations to find the best Clash Mini deck.

Clash Mini Game Information

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  • Publisher – Supercell
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