Thetan Arena Tier List – Best characters guide

In this Thetan Arena Tier List, you will find all the best characters in Thetan Arena game, ranked from Tier S to Tier B. While each hero in Thetan Arena is special, you might wish to customize your squad to get the most out of the game. Which is why we have created this Thetan Arena Tier List. This tier list will help you pick the best characters in Thetan Arena game.

Without any further ado, let us get into this Thetan Arena Tier List.

Thetan Arena Tier List – Best characters guide

thetan arena tier list

This Thetan Arena Tier List should just be used as a reference. The bottom line is that you should pick the unit that appeals to you the most, as well as whoever appears to be cool to you.

Tanks in Thetan Arena Tier List – (A Tier)

  • Breaker – Breaker’s explosive power is amongst the game’s most destructive, thanks to his Mohawk and dual-wield shotguns.
  • Kongkey – This ape-human hybrid possesses animal strength and human intelligence, and he is most effective with his fists.
  • Meiko – This hero is protected by a suit of armor anchored by two huge rail guns, allowing her to withstand damage while also carrying a blow in terms of firepower.
  • Veinka – This Thetan Arena hero attacks enemies with their metallic body.
  • Lucy MuffyThe main weapon is guitar, which she can use to shoot sonic waves at opponents.
  • Errant Ghost – A powerful mini gun is used by this former government agent turned rebel warrior.

Assassins in Thetan Arena Tier List – (B Tier)

  • Mary – Mary has the appearance of a pirate, wielding two daggers, concealing handguns, and the ability to kill victims silently at command.
  • Taekwon – Taekwon is a master in Taekwondo, capable of defeating any opponent in one-on-one fight.
  • Raidon – Raidon works for Delta Special Ops, which is responsible for preserving Earth, and is at the forefront of Thetan Arena’s promotion.
  • Rei – Rei, carrying a baseball bat, has the ability to whack attackers hard and move quickly while doing so.
  • Mortal – He is the brother of a legendary criminal in the Metal Outlaws gang, who fights with dual-wield axes.
  • Serp – This is the best mobility hero in this Thetan Arena Tier List, with a mastery of silence and the ability to maneuver about the area beneath enemy radar.
  • El Dragon – To hit competing players, this former boxer-turned-soldier possesses two bionic gloves.
  • Velvet – Velvet can race about the map with ease, thanks to a mech suit of armor that can fly and two laser swords in tow.

Marksman in Thetan Arena Tier List – (C Tier)

  • Steelshot – This is Delta Force’s commander, and as such, he’s a tremendously powerful hero, wielding a rocket launcher that fires off pyrotechnics.
  • Bathos – Bathos dedicated himself to a life of vengeance after his entire family was killed in a conflict, armed with two double-barrelled handguns.
  • Morrod – This robed sniper wields a dazzling gun with which he can take down adversaries from any distance on the map.
  • Cluster – Cluster is a jack-of-all-trades combatant who wields a revolver and can perform a variety of special powers in combat.
  • Destroid – Destroid, the game’s explosive expert, may use a variety of bombs to set traps for foes or simply blast them away.
  • Benjamin – He’s a former thug turned military who use a laser weapon to take out his foes.
  • Shanna – Shanna, the game’s main archer, can sneak around the map before striking down enemies with her bow and arrow.
  • Phoenix – This hooded person is the most elite peacekeeper in the Nova gang, and he attacks foes with little ice daggers.
  • BigPapa – This suit-wearing robot has one huge claw to strike foes while maintaining their professional style, making him the game’s Vito Corleone.
  • Cullen – The game’s only alien character, this baby-faced extraterrestrial has a laser gun to shoot opponents.
  • Durass – BigPapa’s main assistant, he is less powerful, wielding only a purple stick.

Thetan Arena Features

Aside from their characteristic abilities, arm your heroes with a diverse set of skills, expanding the number of possible combinations and methods for surviving on the battlefield. They’re divided into three groups, each with its own set of skills.

  • Effect skills: inflicting status on self, allies, and enemies.
  • Damage skills: used to greatly increase the amount of damage in a short period.
  • Support skills: aiding you against attacks of enemies.
  • Matches last up to 5 minutes – ideal for on-the-go gaming as well as casual and mid-core players.
  • More than 30 heroes and still being released. Each hero comes with a signature ability (fury), assured to turn battles upside down when used at the right time.

Thank you for reading this far. Hopefully, this Thetan Arena Tier List will help players who prefer to read tier lists instead of wasting their time testing random stuff.

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