5 The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks – Beginner guide

You will find 5 helpful The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks in this guide to get started in this beautiful game. It will also assist you in gradually improving your playing style.

The Planet Crafter is currently one of the top trending games on Steam. Since its early access release, Miju’s space exploration game has drawn a large number of new players to its base. The Planet Crafter stands out from other games in the category thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics. However, for a new player, getting used to the game might be challenging, and it can severely impact the experience.

So we have decided to write this The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks guide for you to easily progress in the game. You might also want to read our new Sin Chronicle Tier List and character guide. Also we have a new Chromosome Evil Guide for beginners.

5 The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks

To improve in The Planet Crafter, you will need a lot of practice and perseverance. However, here are the top five The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks:

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 1

I normally avoid oxygen tanks because I believe they are a waste of excellent Cobalt. Oxygen tanks only help if you want to be safe, and even then, I only carry one oxygen tank with no backups. The main reason I’m not concerned about oxygen tanks will be detailed in The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 2.

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 2

This is quite simple and straightforward, but it is extremely beneficial. Whenever you intend to embark on a quest of discovery. Take four ounces of iron, one ounce of silicon, and two ounces of titanium. Why? I’m sure you’re wondering.

You may construct a base, a dwelling chamber, and then a door for easy oxygen access. Essentially, this generates a little outpost structure that you may swiftly enter to replenish your oxygen supply.

Additionally, you can acquire nearby iron and construct storage inside your outpost so that you can take materials from a location, store them in your outpost, and then transport them back with ease.

This basically turns off the oxygen game mechanics, so after you’ve laid out a net of Outposts, you’ll never have to worry about it again.

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 3

When exploring, grab free objects first.

What exactly are ‘free objects,’ you might ask?

They are objects that aren’t stored anywhere inside wrecked areas, straw man. Consider seeds as an example. The battleship in the desert has a lot of seeds on board, but most people will ignore them and go straight for the good stuff, like alloys and data chips, thinking they can pick up the seeds later.

Unfortunately, those free objects will eventually despawn. The timer does not begin until you are close to the actual wreckage. When you get close to a wreckage, your goal is to gather anything that isn’t sealed inside a storage box as soon as possible.

Always try to collect your free items as soon as possible. Combine this with The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 2 and keep free objects in your outpost bases scattered across the map. This will let you can haul them back to the main base when you’re ready to return.

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 4

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 4 is merely a clarification.

The Ore extractor is a machine that extracts ores from its surroundings. So, if you want aluminum, build it in an aluminum-rich area. Tier 2 ore extractors are the only ones capable of extracting elements such as osmium, sulfur, iridium, and so on.

The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks 5

If you’ve been slapping outposts, the only two things you have to worry about are food and water. This should come as no surprise, but Growers and the Water Collector are your best friends and should be prioritized in construction.

Typically, you can get by with two growers one for beans and one for whatever else. However, this requires you to micromanage your food, so if you just want to grow a lot of food without any worries, go with four growers.

Why do you want about ten more growers after that?

4 for eggplants, 4 for squash, 2 for mushrooms. You’ll need these plants later on for hi-tech stuff.

These are a few simple The Planet Crafter Tips and Tricks to help you improve your gameplay when you first start playing. The more a player plays the game, the better he becomes.


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