The Legend of Neverland Tier List (2022) – Best Characters Guide

The Legend of Neverland tier list has been tweaked and updated to rank the best characters for new season!

The Legend of Neverland tier list is a no-brainer given a large number of characters, each of which has a unique set of skills and qualities.

The Legend of Neverland is a beautiful mobile MMORPG set in the Cabala universe. The game is popular within the handheld gamer’s community, so knowing which characters are the best is going to be very helpful. At this early stage, the meta is still evolving but knowing which characters pack the most punch is critical.

We have ranked every character currently accessible in The Legend of Neverland tier list. Additionally, there are some recommendations on the best characters in The Legend of Neverland game as well.

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The Legend of Neverland Tier List

The Legend of Neverland tier list of every character and unit available in the game is shown in the table below. The Legend of Neverland tier list is divided into three tiers; S tier, A tier, and B tier.

Tier S – With their exceptional skills, these flower fairy characters are outperforming all other troops in the game in terms of power and utility.

Tier B – The middle-ranged, talented Legend of Neverland flower fairies of Tier A good enough. However, they are not as strong as S-tier characters.

Tier C – The lowest performing and least competent characters in The Legend of Neverland game are in Tier C.

The Legend of Neverland Tier List – S Tier

Here are the most powerful and some of the best characters in The Legend of Neverland game:-

Flower FairyRole Classification ElementPerformance
Chestnut RosePierce/DPSFireChestnut can handle moderate AOE damage and can follow the master without causing any trouble in the neighborhood.
Twin LotusSupporter/DPSEarthWith the most effective attacks in the smallest area, Twin Lotus can deal significant AOE damage.
LycorisradiataDamage Dealer/Group AttackerSacredThis flower fairy is an expert at managing crowds.
ErythrinaCrush/AttackerFireIncrease the master’s crush damage while dealing strong PVP damage to the enemy.
IrisCrit TypeWaterThe best unit to use throughout PVE and the early stages of the PVP game.

The Legend of Neverland Tier List – A Tier

Here are the second-best characters in The Legend of Neverland tier list. They can still do a great job using their skills.

Flower FairyRole Classification ElementPerformance
CandockDamage Reduction/DefenseWaterCandock is an excellent support unit because of his specialization in healing and absorbing damage.
AjisaiDamage Dealer- Group AttackWaterThe most effective unit to use as both a damage inducer and a damage buffer.
ScabishDefense/Group AttackEarthScabish is the game’s mascot and causes a lot of damage to the adversaries.
CamelliaMovement Speed/Group AttackWindOne of the best flower fairies, with a powerful assault against opponents.
MarigoldAttack/DPSEarthExcellent as a damage provider and as an enhancer of attribute damage.

The Legend of Neverland Tier List – B Tier

These are the lowest-ranked characters in The Legend of Neverland tier list. They should be avoided when you are just getting started in the game.

Flower Fairy Role Classification ElementPerformance
AnthuriumHPFireCan deal decent damage to enemies, increase the attack and pursue the master.
Balloon FlowerControl/AttackWindballoon Flower is usually Dealing with AOE damage.
LindsayAttackerWindFollowing the master to deal with opponents’ damage and increase the damage.

As new heroes appear and the early-stage meta begins to show itself, The Legend of Neverland tier list is subject to change. We’ll make any necessary modifications as they become essential, so keep checking back to this page!

Who Is The Best Character in The Legend of Neverland?

We believe that a select handful of The Legend of Neverland characters now stands head and shoulders above the rest. Iris and Chestnut Rose are specifically the ones to use first. While playing the game, you can unlock these two characters as they are most helpful.

That’s it for our new and updated The Legend of Neverland tier list!

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