The EA FIFA Era Has Ended. What Is the Future of Cyber Football?

EA has officially confirmed that FIFA games cease to exist in their common format. The game developer and the International Football Federation finally parted ways.

So, should fan betting on matches on and other platforms worry?

What will change? In fact, not so much.

What happened? In short, FIFA wanted more money from EA for using its brand in games. In turn, EA did not understand the reasons for paying huge amounts (reported requirements of almost a
a billion dollars a year).

As a result, Electronic Arts decided not to renew its contract with FIFA because it was confident in the strength of its brand. Many football fans generally play in FIFA largely because of the Ultimate Team mode – this is where you need to assemble your dream team.

That’s why now is the most valuable time for EA to jump from the agreement and start developing its own football brand, which will not have to pay and give more freedom for development. So, EA Sports FC 24 will be released instead of FIFA 24 In the fall of 2023.

Actually, EA loses only its brand. At the same time, licenses, teams, locations, and characters remain with the developer due to independently negotiated contracts.

However, not only EA who was unhappy with the collaboration. FIFA also got some kind of beef, meaning no desire to limit its brand to just one gaming company.

According to mass media, the International Football Federation plans a large-scale gaming industry expansion after the contract’s termination with EA. The point is that FIFA wants to work with various companies and publishers on many projects, including hardcore simulators and children’s arcades.

2K Sports, the NBA 2K Basketball Game’s developer, has been noted as one of the key partners. However, the company is not in a hurry to discuss potential cooperation. It claims that Top Eleven is still its only football project.

On the other hand, 2K Sports has announced the development of arcade football in LEGO style.


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