Tales of Arise Character Guide – Tier List and more

If you are seeking a new adventure and have been waiting for this Tales of Arise character guide, you have come to the right place. To appeal to a new audience, the new Tales of Arise aims to modernize its graphic representation and combat experience. Furthermore, it makes every effort to maintain what has made the Tales series so beloved among its long-time fans.

Additionally, each character in Tales of Arise has been given unique skills and abilities that set them apart from each other. As a result, they can perform very differently in battle than one another. Which is why we decided to bring this Tales of Arise character guide – Tier List and more.

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Without further ado, let us get started with this Tales of Arise character guide.

Tales of Arise Character Guide – Overview

tales of arise character guide

This is a new and updated Tales of Arise character tier list. Read on to find out which characters in Tales of Arise are the best to use in your group for DPS and support.

Tales of Arise Tier List – Best Character Rankings

This Tales of Arise Tier list in divided into three tiers. It is starting from S Tier to B Tier, top tier has the best characters and the bottom tier has the weaker characters.

Tales of Arise Tier List – S Tier

  • Alphen → He can always use his distinctive Artes Flaming Edge to compromise some of his HP in an attempt to acquire a longer range and deal more damage. This, however, requires constant healing from the party.
  • Law → His Awakening perk can boost the power of his attacks much more if he does it without being hit. Furthermore, Awakening Skills can cause Over Limit to be triggered more easily, allowing him to perform the most powerful Mystic Artes.

Tales of Arise Tier List – A Tier

  • Rinwell → She is capable of casting powerful Astral Artes from afar. But this makes her frequently vulnerable due to her need to cast long spells. However, she has the highest base elemental damage to any character.
  • Shionne → Next character in this Tales of Arise tier list is Shionne. She can learn and bombard the aerial attack on enemies. This inflicts enormous damage on enemies. She is capable of using Martial Arts, spells, powerful Fire Arts, to increase her overall damage.

Tales of Arise Tier List – B Tier

  • Dohalim →  He is a competent all-rounder who can provide your team with balanced offense and support. He can also learn strong Earth and Dark Astral Artes like Execution. Not only that, but he works best as a versatile support character who can switch to dealing damage when necessary.
  • Kisara →  Next in this Tales of Arise character guide is Kisara. She can use her Guard Ignition perk to boost her own Artes by successfully guarding at the right time. The playing style is heavily reliant on maneuvering around her shield. She can use her shield to deal heavy damage, protect herself from attacks, and deal damage from a wide angle with her hammer.

Tales of Arise Tips and Guide

Here are some Tales of Arise tips for getting started in the game as a beginner.

Complete Sub-Quests

Completing the very first collection of sub-quests in the game guarantees you a large amount of gold. You can use the gold to purchase weapons and equipment that will give you an advantage in combat.

Explore How to Use Artes in Tales of Arise

It is critical to learn how to use Artes early in the game because they will form the foundation of your attacks. Artes are powerful combat abilities that you can learn and use against your opponents. It assists in linking multiple powerful combos that will stun enemies, bringing you closer to triggering finishing strikes.

Make Use of CP Wisely

CP is used to heal and resurrect members of your group during combat. You only have a limited supply early in the game, so be careful while using it. To keep your group safe, make sure to top up them in the campfire while resting.

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