Swire Unknown Record Official Launch

JRGame, the creator of Swire Unknown Record has launched its latest mobile game for Android and iOS devices on 22 Dec. Pre-registration on the official website of Swire Unknown Records is in progress. Users who complete the registration through the official website can get the “Taiwan version exclusive mascot mount black bear”. There is also a chance to win prizes such as iPhone 13, MyCard point card and pillows around the game.

Swire Unknown Record Story

Swire Unknown Record

The wild world is full of thousands of races. At the beginning of the world, the world was divided into preoccupations. All spirits are fighting against each other, but I am the only one who is in the sky. This is a different prehistoric legend. The world will be on the front line, and the birth of hundreds of races will cause bloody winds. See how the son of Nuwa, Shaodian, strategizes against the sky.

Swire Unknown Record Features

What is the core fun of MMO? Is it a team-based challenge? Is it fun? Xiao Qingluan believes that when we are old, we can remember the treasures, memories, and friends we had in the Taikoo world, chatting and playing farts and watching fights. These are the reasons why we love MMOs. This is something that the Taikoo Yiwen Lu will definitely stick to.

Experience the wild world in depth

Swire Unknown Record, based on the classics of mountains and seas, it combines elements of ancient scenery, legends, rare and exotic animals, mythical characters and other mountain and sea classics to create an immersive MMORPG world. The world view is constructed from the ancient mythology, the painting style is fresh and beautiful, and the scene buildings are all designed based on classic poems. The violent and slaughter ancestor witches, the demon gods who rule the three realms, the endless human races, etc., are fighting each other in endless wars.

Combinations to create combat methods

You can choose from four major occupations and eight kinds of positioning. You can also obtain special moves through props, digging treasures, and adventure missions, customize your skills and combos, and create a prehistoric war god.

Non-linear plot design in Swire Unknown Record

Trigger side and adventure missions, shape the character and ability of the protagonist, guide a variety of stories and endings according to different scenarios and choices, and experience unique ancient myths.

Because the content of the Swire Unknown Record involves “violence”, “love and friendship”, the game is suitable for 12+ years old. Pay attention to the usage of time and avoid over indulging in the game. Moreover, part of the game content or services require additional payment.

Swire Unknown Record Download Information

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