Summoners Kingdom Tier List – Best hero guide

We will go over the Summoners Kingdom Tier List in this article to help you find the best character in the game. This Summoners Kingdom guide will help you get started if you’re new to the game and want to learn more about the characters.

Cloud Joy has created this amazing role-playing game called Summoners Kingdom. It is a town-building role-playing game with an intriguing plot. The game allows you to explore the kingdom with allies, uncovering the kingdom’s untold story and its last heroes. You can also use the gacha hero summon tower to attack enemies by summoning heroes. In the guild adventure, you’ll face off against difficult bosses with your teammates and win gifts to improve your heroes’ abilities.

Furthermore, the characters in Summoners Kingdom Tier List are divided by their class type, and strength. So, read on and find out which are the best characters in Summoners Kingdom.

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – Best character guide

Summoners Kingdom Tier List

Summoners Kingdom Tier List ranks characters from best to worst based on their skills and abilities. The higher a hero is on the tier ranking, the more powerful and efficient it will be. The Summoners Kingdom Tier List consists of four ranks: SS, S, A, and B. When you get started you should aim for an SS rank character first.

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – SS Tier

The SS rank heroes have the highest base stats of all four levels. This makes them both offensive and defensively powerful.

  • Dark Knight → Dark
  • Ishtar → Earth
  • Leonidas → Earth
  • Hera → Light

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – S Tier

The S rank heroes in this Summoners Kingdom Tier List are the second most powerful. They are having stats that are better than average but not quite as good as the S rank heroes.

  • Hecate → Dark
  • Artemis → Dark
  • Apollonius → Dark
  • Raphael → Light
  • Prometheus → Fire

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – A Tier

The A rank heroes are the third strongest, with average but not exceptional stats. They’ll be most useful for missions that need them to take damage and assist your other heroes from behind.

  • Zagan → Dark
  • Circe → Water
  • Odysseus → Water
  • Heracles → Earth
  • Kukulkan → Fire
  • Isis → Wind

Summoners Kingdom Tier List – B Tier

The heroes in the B rank of this Summoners Kingdom Tier List have average stats. They are good, but not as good as the heroes in the above ranks. They are most useful for jobs that require taking out low-level enemies with some help.

  • Athens → Light
  • Nun → Water
  • Estes → Wind
  • Titania → Wind
  • Temujin → Earth
  • Xerxes 1 → Fire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of this Summoners Kingdom Tier List?

The purpose of this Summoners Kingdom Tier List is to assist all the new players in assembling a well-balanced and powerful team. If you use characters that your opponents don’t expect, you can catch them off guard easily.

Who would benefit from this Summoners Kingdom Tier List?

The tier list of the best heroes in Summoners Kingdom is ideal for new players who are trying to figure out which characters to use. It can also assist expert players in fine-tuning their team and replacing weaker characters with better ones.

How do I use this Summoners Kingdom Tier List?

Explore each rank to find which characters best suit your liking. Keep in mind that this is just a collection of recommendations to assist you in deciding what you want for your team.

That concludes our new tier list ranking of characters in Summoners Kingdom. We hope you learned something new from this Summoners Kingdom Tier List, and it will be useful for you and your team in combat. You might also consider checking out Adelamyth Tier List and reroll guide. In addition, we just added a new Legends of Lunia Tier List of the best characters.

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