Smile Rush Game Beginners Guide – Gameplay Walkthrough

If you are looking for Smile Rush game beginners guide, tips, and tricks to be an expert player then go through this article. It will provide you with complete basic details and Smile Rush gameplay walkthrough. Smile Rush is a popular mobile game released by Fire byte Games on November 2021 for mobile devices.

In Smile Rush game, you have to collect and clean teeth, avoid ruining them with candy. You also have to make toothless people happy by bringing them the joy of smiling with a full set of shiny teeth. The game is currently trending on top 50 best games on App Store due to its immersive fun gameplay.

So, to make sure you don’t miss anything, read the entire Smile Rush guide. Now, without further ado, let us get started with this Smile Rush Game Beginners Guide – Gameplay Walkthrough and more.

Smile Rush Game Beginners Guide (Gameplay)

Before reaching the endpoint to the toothless individuals, the player must collect as many teeth as possible while clean them at a same time. The amount of final in-game rewards you’ll receive is determined by the number of teeth you have collected, the quality of cleaning you’ve done, and several other factors. Countless impediments, such as chocolates and other items that can damage your teeth or lead you to lose some. As a result, this will prevent you from completing your responsibilities and reaching the end. Moreover, if you want to earn extra rewards, you must save yourself from these impediments and save as many teeth as possible.

Smile Rush Guide – Teeth Level

Your Teeth Level will increase the number of teeth in your collection. The level or number of teeth rises with each level. Initially, the number of teeth grows first, then their level after a point. As you level up your teeth, this will upgrade some of them into Silver and later Gold. Your income level rises, and you will receive more in-game currency as you level up in the game. You’ll need to use your in-game currency to raise your Teeth Level or Income Level. It will be easier initially, but it will become more difficult as you progress, and levelling up costs a lot of in-game currency.

Smile Rush Guide – Types of Teeth

We’ll go through the many varieties of teeth you’ll see in the game in this section of the Smile Rush game beginners guide. Smile Rush has a variety of teeth, including Yellow, Decayed, Silver, Golden, and White. When you present these teeth to toothless folks, you will receive a specific number of points for each one. The quantity of points awarded to each tooth type is still unknown. Your teeth will decay to a lower-level tooth every time you hit an obstacle.

Moreover, when a white tooth comes into touch with candy, it turns yellowish, and a yellowish tooth turns decayed. You will lose the teeth if you have rotten teeth and come into contact with sweets.

To sum up everything, Smile Rush is a game that provides players to experience a lot of fun and excitement. Go ahead and give it a try, and if you are finding trouble, don’t hesitate to fall back on this Smile Rush game beginners guide.

Smile Rush Information

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