Sky Utopia Open for Pre-Registration Now

Sky Utopia Open for Pre-Registration Now

Dreamstar Network Limited has announced today that upcoming game Sky Utopia will be released for the iOS and Android devices soon. Currently the game is up for pre-registration which offers plentiful rewards after the official launch.

Sky Utopia is a upcoming action game published by Dreamstar Network Limited. There is a city is game called Oars which is built around the sky fountain, is home to 4 unique races that share one common faith—Oceanos, the God of River.

The game features many different classes, including Mage, Swordsman, Lancer, Archer, Shooter, Machinist, Assassin, Berserker, Priest, etc.

You can choose any race that you like and undertake quests to win abundant rewards. There’s also a Guild Battle where you will be fighting against other guild players to dominate the battles.

In Sky Utopia game, you can explore the magnificent sky utopia and create your exclusive memory with Oars. There are some amazing rewards for you when you Log in.

There is also a custom avatar option which will be use for resplendent avatars and cool outfits to design your unique name card.


Sky Utopia is now up for pre-registration. You can check out Sky Utopia Official Facebook page for more information and  how to pre-register yourself for the game!

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