Silkroad Online Gift Codes (LATEST) – Free Redeem Pack

Obtaining extra items to improve your gameplay is always a good idea, and that’s where our Silkroad Online Gift Codes list comes in. We’ve got a bunch of the most recent Silkroad Online Gift Codes, so you may claim free rewards and other premium items.

More Silkroad Online Gift Codes should be released soon, and we’ll update the list accordingly. So visit back often for the latest Silkroad Online Gift Codes. Now let us take a look at how to redeem Silkroad Online Gift Codes.

How to use Silkroad Online Redeem Pack

Are you unsure how to use your Silkroad Online Redeem Pack? You don’t have to wonder any longer because the complete instructions are provided below:

  1. Launch Silkroad Online in your mobile device and complete the tutorial
  2. Go to the main screen
  3. Tap your avatar in the main screen and look for Redeem Pack button
  4. Enter your Silkroad Online Redeem Pack in the text box
  5. Now, tap Confirm to get rewards

Here is the list of the latest Silkroad Online Gift Codes:

Silkroad Online Gift Codes

silkroad online Gift Codes

As of today, the developers have only released the following number of Silkroad Online Gift Codes.

  • bf2b71a6e10002 – Redeem this Silkroad Online Gift Code for free stuff.
  • KMdohog1yq – Use this Silkroad Online Gift Code for free rewards.

To reiterate, these are official Silkroad Online Gift Codes issued by the actual game designers. These aren’t hacks, exploits, or any other methods of manipulating the game in unorthodox ways. As long as the Silkroad Online Gift Codes are active, you can use them to receive free rewards.

Silkroad Online Features

Silkroad Online is a mobile version of famous Silkroad Online, which was developed and operated by U1game. Silkroad Online mobile game, like the original PC version of the game, is based on the background of the rise and fall of the Silkroad in the seventh century. The Silkroad stretches across ancient China, Persia and Europe. It was mainly used as a trade route among countries.

Bicheon, Heuksal and Pacheon are the three characters can be chosen for now on when you enter the game. These three characters correspond to: Melee control, Range damage/support, Melee damage. In the gameplay of “Merchant”, player can decide identities as their interest, and the identities can be transferred as long as they want.

The identities include: Merchant, Hunter and Ranger. Player can experience the classic dungeon like: Temple Contest, Another Dimension and Donwhang Cave. Besides, organization of various communities, Core power of Team Build, Guild system and Major cohesive, Novel and unique skills, Gorgeous and diversified effects, feel passion to destroy enemy.

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Game Information

There you are with the latest Silkroad Online Gift Codes for skin, gems and more. If you find this post helpful, please share it on social media with your friends and family.

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