Shindo Life Satori Rengoku Update – Patch Notes

Roblox announced Shindo Life Satori Rengoku Update on November 13, 2021. This update brings a slew of additional features to the Shindo Life game that were previously unavailable. Shindo Life Satori Rengoku Update brought a series of new events coming with rich rewards and intriguing features. In the forthcoming Shindo Life update, new unique stages are also expected to appear, including some important bug fixes.

Furthermore, in this Shindo Life Satori Rengoku Update, you will also be able to find a six-variant Shindai Rengoku Cloak which will be available in the RELL Coins shop.

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Satori Rengoku Update Log Patch Notes

  • Shindai Rengoku Cloak (6 Variants) RC Shop
  • Infinite block ragdoll glitch patch
  • Ryuji Kenichi Platinum stats fix
  • Regular Narumaki m1’s knockback fix
  • Recode: Shock 5th move, Shiver 3rd move, Prism 3rd move
  • Sarachia Full Samurai Spirit unlockable fix
  • Eagle Summon fixes
  • kamaki 1st combine with kenichi 1st move to void fix
  • shiver akuma infinite stuck glitch fix
  • Minakaze 1st/azure 1st double chi take fix + buff
  • Minakaze azure 1st move dripped out
  • Earth 3rd move = iframe move / no handsign
  • Jayramaki Azure
  • Forged Domain self: only domain when max hp
  • Inferno 2nd move + raion c spec glitch
  • Raion Akuma C Spec buff
  • Make jayramaki moves compatible with npc
  • Jayramaki boss battle
  • Gale 1st move buff
  • Chaos/order 2nd move double take chi fix
  • chaos/order 2nd move speed boost added
  • cement 6th move damage buff
  • Cement 5th move fix
  • Cement 4th move fix
  • Raion Rengoku 2nd stage
  • shindai ren m1 and glacier mirrors glitch fix
  • raion rengoku/sen/azure 3rd move damage buff
  • Mount Myoboku Arena Map + Dungeon Map
  • Raion Azure
  • raion sen 2nd move = cooler
  • raion ren 1st move fix
  • Increase mode timers to 90 seconds
  • Minakaze 3rd move fix
  • Raion Sengoku 2nd stage
  • Air Style Fan re-work

Further details of the Shindo Life Satori Rengoku Update can be found in the latest video below.

About Shindo Life

Shindo Life is a Roblox game created by the RELL World group. It’s a Naruto-style game set in a universe that’s comparable to the anime. Originally known as Shinobi Life 2, the game is a remake of the original Shinobi Life, a Naruto-style ninja game. In the game have to explore an open world environment and battle opponents in an arena utilizing your martial arts skills and abilities.

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