Sdorica Character Tier List and Reroll Guide

Today, we will guide you through the new Sdorica Character Tier List and Reroll Guide. Sdorica is a free-to-play mobile Puzzle and Tactical RPG game developed and published by Rayark International. You may use the special abilities to build unique, unbeatable and Best Sdorica Teams. As you go through the game, you’ll acquire characters using the in-game system, which allows you to get new heroes for your Sdorica Team.

Given the game’s nature, obtaining the best Sdorica characters may never happen or take a very long period. As a result, we’ve created a Sdorica Character Tier List and Reroll Guide, which ranks all the characters according to their strengths. Simply picking all S Tier characters in Sdorica could spell disaster if you don’t properly manage them properly.

Furthermore, certain characters have a limited number of appearances, so you may not always be able to get them. All it means is that you should keep adapting as much as possible.

Sdorica Character Tier List

As of now, we have only added the characters that we personally think deserve a spot in this Sdorica Character Tier List. There are very high chances of not finding some less powerful characters in this Sdorica Character Tier List.

Sdorica Character Tier List

Sdorica Reroll Guide – How to reroll in Sdorica

Make a new account. Finish the story up to 2-3. You now have 500 crystals. Claim everything in the mission tab, and you’ll get 3 more green tickets. You can get about 10 more green tickets by clearing the event tab and venture training quest and bringing Tica, Naya and Pang to SR. I feel like the time investment isn’t worth it, though. Now go into the infuse tab. You should always reroll from the origin banner with crystals. The only time you can consider rerolling from another banner is if an SP you want very much is currently on banner. After making one 10x roll on origin roll with all your green bookmarks on million, infuse. If you are not satisfied, clear data or reinstall the game.

Reroll targets: those will carry you through story and many venture quests. They work well alone or with relatively small investments. You can keep the account if you roll one of them.

That is our today’s tour of Sdorica Character Tier List and Reroll Guide. You might also want to check out other guide from our website such as Flash Party Beginners Guide and how to use Laplace in Tales of Luminaria and more. I hope you learned more about the game, as there are many things you should be aware of in order to be prepared for action.

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