Sdorica Battle Member Codes December 2022

Here is our database of latest and updated Sdorica Battle Member Codes. Sdorica Puzzle & Tactical RPG is a free to play RPG puzzle mobile game developed by Rayark. The game was globally launched on 19th April 2018 for mobile devices.

If you are looking for new and updated Sdorica Battle Member Codes, then you are at the right place. We will be adding new Sdorica Battle Member Codes on a regular basis, so visit regularly. Without ado, here are the latest Sdorica Battle Member Codes for you to use in the game.

Sdorica Battle Member Codes December 2021

Sdorica Battle Member Codes

Here are the latest Sdorica Battle Member Codes that we have been able to get from the players.

  • cU4WPhCwEB3r
  • cCPMVTJb5dQ2
  • ph721cpRNE3d
  • Bkwv5Vej9ZSw
  • ZzaFUHDR8ryX
  • SLvM57vQbKuX
  • zQbhQvxPWBFb
  • mMfF626qvADt
  • qYv4maPU552H
  • zvpyGZfc4hgU
  • zvpyGZfc4hgU
  • n6ezsWp6qEdG
  • mPVLuMAKgjJQ
  • q5CvXQbS2Xwp
  • q4CVRCDc9m3T
  • gsAmEnHtryYP
  • gsAmEnHtryYP
  • gsAmEnHtryYP
  • giZZGZ5JsaTj
  • S6CMunADshWD
  • jECR1JWjnmua
  • u6SHemnAV8yD
  • 6hVAM5As8Tsk
  • ECxjbjqiCHZ8
  • CruYsK4hCcbA
  • 9s5qRFssvGaf
  • B5hrsQQFRpa2
  • T5pGP8gCQo8b
  • UrC68MkUeF5Z
  • WqMDcRwYgWRW
  • dVNZAHhgtNtC
  • xMEL68dfhioy
  • CruYsK4hCcbA
  • vuLki6KzvR9A
  • 5JRaE7vNXTf9
  • oUcnEex276iU
  • E8jq2AMQRssv
  • 7qE8UX3wQBq8
  • oeWyjRcfjiwy
  • QaPtvtSwiJu1
  • Kp9UVQ9djQH5
  • jrGhKzsQZSDH
  • MDbFCui3TD9P
  • Y9PbtCzt39Ps
  • xu5C92f8Q34V
  • Ku7UzVvprkuq
  • EFjHfMaUKoYy
  • NgpitutVBUW6

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Sdorica Puzzle & Tactical RPG Features

Fantasy Tactical RPG

According to legend, the world was once completely dark, and all that existed was one massive dragon. The huge dragon granted people eternal life, but he also took away their freedom. Those who had been enslaved have finally awoken. They set out in search of hope, led by a knight named “Vendacti,” who was determined to defy fate.

Experience a Story of Heroes and Heroines

Various monsters, an obstinate damsel in distress, an Oriental swordsman, a female merchant with weaponry, and many others. Begin constructing your favorite character. Follow Angelia, the royal princess, to safeguard the realm, or enter the Rune Academy with Leah, the Demi human with rabbit ears, to master rune magic.

Collect Magnificent Characters

Do you want to amass a diverse cast of characters? Sophie, a character drawn in the Onmyoji style; Kittyeyes, the sassy maid; Yamitsuki, the kimono-clad killer; Fredrica, the seductive witch who wants to marry; Law, who claims to be a martial arts Grand Master; and many others. Explore the continent Vendacti with these fascinating characters.

Game Information

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