Rush Royale Update 9.0 – New Hero, Unit, Mini Boss

Today we will sneak peek into Rush Royale Update 9.0 which is directly sent by the developers. The Rush Royale Update 9.0 introduces a new hero called Necromancer in Rush Royale, a mini boss called Vortex and a legendary unit called Scrapper.

So, without further ado, let us dive deep into the new Rush Royale Update 9.0.

Rush Royale Update 9.0

He can summon an immortal lich with an aura of numbness and blocks the use of opponents hero skill. Units that fall under lich’s aura cannot fight and needs some time to recover. Moreover, the parts of Necromancer coming in Rush Royale Update 9.0 can be collected from Rush for Glory Event. You will also be able to get them from the special chest that will be available in store.

The next in this Rush Royale Update 9.0 will be a mini boss called Vortex. He will be a real challenge for you and your opponent, and he is able to change his shape and speed of himself and of monsters nearby. Most importantly, Vortex in Rush Royale can become immune to any control effects. Always be careful because in battle, vortex will appear randomly in the arena.

The third important feature of this Rush Royale Update 9.0 will be a new Legendary Scrapper Unit. It will be a part of Technogenic Society and specialize in table control. Scrapper is a support unit which is capable of destroying unneeded allied units to strengthen other units.  Depending on the level of your Scrapper, there is a chance that one more unit will be upgraded by 1 merge rank.

To get a better idea about the update and how the new units work, check out the video below.

About Rush Royale

Rush Royale – Random PVP Tower Defense is a Strategy game developed by B.V. Recruit mighty soldiers and powerful magicians to assist you in defending your homeland against the never-ending waves of demonic invaders. Rush Royale replaces the static, monotonous buildings found in most tower defense games with individual heroes that have strong skills. Allow them to use their abilities and watch as they wreak havoc on the invading armies.

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