Rush Royale Update 11.0 Patch Notes – New unit talents B.V. has given some details of new Rush Royale Update 11.0 where we will see some new unit talent additions. The next batch of units, including one legendary unit, will receive their own talents with the release of Rush Royale Update 11.0.

These new talents in Rush Royale Update 11.0 are abilities that improve or change the mechanics of a unit. To unlock talents, the unit must ascend, which grants permanent access to previously locked abilities.

So, let’s see what talents await in this new Rush Royale Update 11.0

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Rush Royale Update 11.0 – Patch Notes

Rush Royale Update 11.0

Boreas → Dealing massive damage or controlling the opponent’s table, synergy with the team or powerful individual damage – everything depends on your choice. In addition, the last talent will allow you to speed up (in PvP) and slow down (in PvE) monsters on the side of the other player.

Engineer →This unit has a history of working in a team, and with his talents unlocked, this side will receive even more bonuses. When they first appear, engineers will produce parts that improve other Engineers on the field: protection and increased attack speed, all what stainless gears need! And at the maximum Ascension level, they will also increase the unit’s merge rank – not a single part left unused.

Magic Cauldron → It seems that with the talents unlocked, this unit has been possessed with the spirit of an experiment-loving alchemist! Because now the production of MANA will be only one of its features. Potions and elixirs that will be generated when the cauldron spawns will be able to boost units on the field, damage monsters, increase the amount of MANA received for their killing, or greatly slow them down. At the maximum Ascension level, there is a chance to get a potion that will increase the unit’s merge rank.

Also, to make getting Faction Cores required for Ascension more predictable and easy, we are introducing special chests. By opening them, you can choose the Cores of the faction you need.

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