Roblox Zo Quests Update – Patch Notes

Roblox Zo Quests Update was announced on November 12, 2021. This update brings a slew of additional features to the Roblox Zo game that were previously unavailable. Roblox Zo Quests Update brought a series of new quests coming with rich rewards including in-game souls. In the upcoming Roblox Zo updates, new unique stages are also expected to appear, including some important bug fixes.

In addition, in this Roblox Zo Quests Update, you will also be able to see Scythe of the Pumpking in the shop. But it will be only for those players that already have it.

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Roblox Zo Quests Update Patch Notes

Roblox Zo Quests Update

Zo Kills Leaderboard

The TOTAL KILLS leaderboard has been added to allow top players to brag in front of their friends. Thanks to Lewis_Schumer for providing the technology that makes this possible, the total number of kills / souls may be updated further.

Zo Halloween Content

They added a pumpkin scythe to the store for those who have it. Also removed from the shop for those who do not have other exclusive Halloween skins. (Candycorn Claymore, Candycorn Javelin, Lollibop). The Halloween code has also been removed.

Zo Map updates

  • Reverted the map from the Halloween Theme
  • Reverted the Lighting from the Halloween Theme, updated some properties of it
  • Added a new area to the map!
  • Now you can give your thanks to the wonderful Buddha statue up close in person.

Zo other updates

  • Implemented another fix for the Axe of the Fallen Bug… Again.
  • Added a new code or two..
  • Removed Ferns

Zo Quests Update

A quest has been added! Complete quests to earn in-game souls or benefit from quests that are updated every few days. This is still in beta, so you may not have too many quests yet. More will come soon!

  • Added cycling for the avatars in the shop
  • Added the “Death” Questline
  • Added the “Souls” Questline
  • Added the “Bell” Questline
  • Added the “Killstreak” Quest

About Roblox Zo

Zo is a sword fighting game. You take a katana, kanabo, naginata, and other weapons to fight other players around the world. Every time you kill someone, you get a soul. These souls act as currency and allow you to buy skins for your weapons in the shop. This game is all about fighting and seeing who can use their swords best.

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