Roblox Vesteria Character Tier List Wiki – Best Character Guide

Build the best team possible to set yourself a step above the rest using the updated Roblox Vesteria Character Tier List!

Who are the best characters in Roblox Vesteria game is something you’ll always want to know. So, our Roblox Vesteria character tier list can be useful in this situation.

Vesteria is definitely something you’re already playing in Roblox if you prefer to play MMORPG games, albeit maybe not very well. In this Roblox Vesteria character tier list, we’ll go over all the characters, so you know which one to choose to have the best experience possible.

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Without ado, let us get started with this Roblox Vesteria character tier list!

Roblox Vesteria Character Tier List – Best Character Guide

The characters in Vesteria are divided into classes; Warriors, Hunters and Mages. You will find all the best characters in Vesteria divided into one of these classes only. Starting from best to worst we will go through all the classes in Vesteria along with the best characters in each class.

Roblox Vesteria Class Guide – Warriors

The Warriors are a strong, spirited, and devoted faction. They cherish power, glory, and pride above all else. A gigantic icy fortress is built atop a mountain is the Warrior stronghold. Warriors are excellent at close combat and can handle huge, heavy attacks thanks to their big and thick armor.

Warriors are unmatched in their ability to deflect blows and deal respectable close-range damage.

Warriors have a choice of three subclasses when they reach level 30. Their potential choices are:

Paladins’ (AoE/Support/Burst)

They use magical attacks with a focus on light, and players can be healed by regeneration boosts.

Berserker (DPS/Burst)

They can inflict significant sustained and burst damage on opponents. They can increase the damage done by players’ attacks.

Knight (Tank/Support)

Knight are capable of taking a lot of damage, grants defense bonuses to units nearby, and can make enemies attack the user.

Roblox Vesteria Class Guide – Hunter

The Hunters are the latest of the three Factions. They are in charge of the enormous tropical port city of Port Fidelio. Along with their exceptional agility and stealth, they also utilize bows and daggers in battle to take advantage of their opponents.

Hunters are the most adaptable class since they give the player the most options while still carrying a minimal amount of weaponry.

Hunters can choose one of three subclasses after they reach level 30. Their possibilities include:

Assassin (Burst)

High burst damage and primarily single target directed. Capable of becoming invisible in order to reach an objective while remaining unnoticed or to escape a perilous situation.

Ranger (DPS/AoE)

Using bows and arrows as their primary weapons, rangers can upgrade their basic attacks with their special skills.

Trickster (AoE/Utility)

Capable of using their powers to confound their opponents. Fighters who are quick to react to melee and glass cannon attacks.

Bard (Support)

The only thing known about the Bard is that it can boost allies with magical music.

Roblox Vesteria Class Guide – Mage

The Mages are the oldest of the three Factions, having predated the Warriors and Hunters by hundreds of years. Almost everything about their order is classified. They are currently located in the Tree of Life. Mages have incredible power and unrivaled versatility.

As a Mage, you can go in a variety of directions. Mages have a choice of three subclasses when they reach level 30. Their potential choices are:

Warlock (DPS/AoE)

Capable of applying negative effects and gaining self buffs with significant burst damage, as well as life steal and mana recovery.

Sorcerer (Burst/AoE)

The glass cannon class focuses on huge, splashy strikes.

Cleric (Support/AoE)

Possess magic of the Holy/Light type. Prioritize boosting and healing themselves and adjacent teammates. They are able to raise from the dead their allies.

Shadowmancer (DPS)

To call Shades as friends, rip the shadows from your enemies. They are also able to effectively defeat giant bosses.

That’s all, then! You should be able to identify the top units to take on the gameplay content and dominate the competition with this Roblox Vesteria character tier list.

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