Roblox Project Slayers Tier List 2022 – Best breathing & clan

To make you aware of the breathing rankings, we have written this Roblox Project Slayers Tier List. In this anime fighting game you can create a character in the world of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You will have a choice whether you want to stay a human and battle demons or turn to the evil side and attack the people you once considered your family.

Try to defeat rivals and grow to be the game’s most powerful figure.

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Roblox Project Slayers Tier List – Best breathing guide

Roblox Project Slayers Tier List

The best breathing in Project Slayers typically have a considerably lower likelihood of acquisition than others. Before you acquire a lot of rolls, you could settle for the less powerful breathing for a while.

When you are level 12 you unlock the option of obtaining a breathing, to obtain a breathing you must go to the respective trainers for the respective breathing. Breathing is the most important thing you can have as a slayer.

Breathing  Tier
Blood Breathing, Tamari Ball Art S tier
Water Breathing, Thunder Breathing A tier
Speed Demon Reaper B tier
Arrow Art Breathing C tier
Insect Breathing, Wind Breathing D tier

That concludes our new Roblox Project Slayers Tier List. Now let us go through the latest Roblox Project Slayers Clans Tier List.

Roblox Project Slayers Clan Tier List

The list below is a broad overview of every Project Slayers clan currently available in the game.

Clan Grade Rarity
Kamado S 0.1%
Agatsuma S 0.1%
Tomioka A 1%
Kocho B 4%
Shinazugawa B 4%
Ubuyashiki B 30%
Kanzaki B 30%
Urokodaki B 30%
Haganezuka B 30%
Kanamori B 30%
Nakahara C Unknown
Terauchi C Unknown
Takada C Unknown
Kaneki C Unknown
Sakurai, Fujiwara, Mori, Hashimoto, Saito, Ishida, Nishimura, Ando, Onishi, Fukuda, Kurosaki, Haruno, Bakugo, Toka, Izuku, Suzuki, Todoroki F Unknown

Roblox Project Slayers FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions about Roblox Project Slayers game:

Are all breathings good?

Generally yes all breathings are good, some breathings are better than others for things like PvE or PvP. However, there is no bad breathing in the game.

Moreover, as per our Roblox Project Slayers Tier List you should aim for Blood Breathing or Tamari Ball Art as these are considered to be the best breathings in Project Slayers.

Will all the breathings/blood arts be in game?

Yes the devs plan to add every single cannon breathing style and blood art in game for updates. As of now, only 4 of each are in the game.

Will the game be Paid to Win?

No, it is more f2p friendly. It has some aspects of p2w, but It’s very extremely f2p friendly and almost everything in the game can be solved without paying Robux. Game passes aren’t really beneficial, although some of them will come in handy!

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