Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List – Best Fruits & Races Wiki

Read on for Roblox Pirate's Dream Tier List guide. We have listed all the best fruits & races in Pirate's Dream game!

The following Roblox Pirate’s Dream tier list wiki ranks the best fruits in Roblox Pirate’s from best to worst of their ability.

To become the strongest hero in Pirate’s Dream, players must battle enemies and bosses. This guide will cover Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List so that you can choose your fruits with less difficulty. Different types of fruits with various abilities and applications can be found in the game. Players must understand how these fruits differ from one another.

We have mentioned all the best fruits in this Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List along with their rankings.

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Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List

You must go through the Pirate’s Dream Tier List we have created for you in order to determine which of the several fruits in the game is ideal for fighting your enemies.

You will benefit from using our Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List while playing the game in the following ways:

  • In order to improve your game, it will guide you in determining which fruits are ideal to use and which ones to ignore.
  • Additionally, you will discover which fruits will give you an edge over other new players in the game.
  • It will also help you decide which fruits you should stay away from in order to compete with more experienced players straightaway.

Roblox Pirate's Dream tier list

Roblox Pirate’s Dream Fruits Tier List

Some fruits in Pirate’s Dream will give you defensive abilities, while some are having ranged abilities.

Pirate’s Dream Tier ListBest Fruits
S TierSpike-Spike, Wax-Wax
A TierChop-Chop

The experiences of the players influence the subjective nature of tier lists. However, we make every effort to provide you with not only up-to-date but also reliable Pirate’s Dream Tier List.

That’s all you need to know about the best fruits in Pirate’s Dream. As we come across more updates we will revise this Roblox Pirate’s Dream Tier List with new fruits and tier’s.

Now, let us take a look at all the races available in Pirate’s Dream.

Roblox Pirate’s Dream Races List

Following are all the best races in Pirate’s Dream:

FishmanFishman are the best race in the game because of how well they work in the water. They also have distinct abilities and characteristics to back this up.
HumanHumans are a remarkably balanced race, excelling at few things while being good at many others.
SkypieanSkypiean are an intriguing race, but they might not be your first choice because of their complexity. They lack some qualities but have special skills.
CyborgCyborgs are a stronger race than most with more HP, however as the game progresses, this doesn’t really matter.

Which Is The Best Race In Pirate’s Dream?

The Fishman race ought to be the one to aim for as the gameplay of Pirate’s Dream is mainly focused on the oceans. They even have their own special abilities and can move through water swiftly. By navigating all that ocean, you can skip a significant portion of the game’s longest segment.

We have taken every step possible to ensure that you are aware of the best fruits in Pirate’s Dream. We still advise sticking with the S Tier fruits because they are the most feasible option for you.

However, it’s entirely up to your preferences in the end.


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