Roblox Pet Legacy Value List (NEW) – Best Pets Guide

If you’re a big fan of Pet Legacy, you’ll want to check out this Roblox Pet Legacy Value List. This will keep you updated on the most popular and best pets in Pet Legacy Roblox game.

We frequently update this Roblox Pet Legacy Value List to ensure you are receiving authentic information when it comes to dealing with pets. So, check back frequently to ensure you don’t miss out on the most up-to-date Roblox Pet Legacy Value List.

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Now, without ado let us get started with this Roblox Pet Legacy Value List.

Roblox Pet Legacy Value List – Best Pets

roblox pet legacy value list

Beach Value List

Octopus Basic 50 Very Bad
Scuba Dog Rare 100 Very Bad
Crab Epic 120 Awful
Shark  Legendary 350 Normal
Sea Serpent Legendary 600 Normal

Starter / Forest Value List

Pet Names Rarity Value Demand
Bazooka Buddy Starter 30 Normal
Dynamite Daisy Starter 30 Normal
Sir Meows Starter 30 Normal
Fox Basic 10 Very Bad
Bear Rare 20 Very Bad
Bunny Rare 30 Very Bad

Caverns Value List

Cave Snake Basic 250 Low
Bat Rare 270 Low
Spider Epic 350 Low
Shroom Legendary 2000 Okay
Blob Mythic 90000 Very High

Desert Value List

Scorpion Basic 150 Low
Scorpion-Black Basic 160 Low
Lizard Rare 200 Low
Elephant Epic 250 Okay
Lion Legendary 800 Okay
Sand Golem Mythic 40000 Very High

Exclusive Pets Value List

Pet Names Rarity Value Demand
Lizard Wizard Exclusive Tier 1 90000 Very High
Water Wizard Exclusive Tier 2 150000 Very High
Merlin Exclusive Tier 3 250000 High

Jungle Value List

Snake Basic 400 Low
Gorilla Rare 400 Low
Toucan Epic 1200 High
Parrot Epic 1000 Normal
Monkey Legendary 10000 High
Sniper Tiger Legendary 17500 Very High
Orc Mythic 500000 Very High

Currently, these are the most recent Roblox Pet Legacy Value List.

This Roblox Pet Legacy Value List page will be updated as often as feasible to incorporate the most up-to-date data.

Meanwhile, also check out the list of Roblox Pet Legacy Codes below to get a head start and acquire a unique pet:

Roblox Pet Legacy Codes – Are they available?

HawkieMayTide Studios recently launched Roblox Pet Legacy, however no codes appear to be included. In addition, we also haven’t yet figured out how to enter them into the game.

There isn’t an obvious Twitter icon or redeem button to type them in, unlike most Roblox games. But in future we expect the developers to release Roblox Pet Legacy Codes.

So check back later for any new Roblox Pet Legacy updates.

As of now, we have covered everything there is to know about Roblox Pet Legacy Value List and codes guide. Also read our latest Roblox Doodle World Trello and Tier List Wiki.

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