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Dig into this Martial Realm NPC guide to find out about all the NPC characters in this latest Roblox game!

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A good hero needs a strong supporting cast, and that’s precisely what you’ll find in this Martial Realm NPC Guide. Even though you can play the game without bothering much about NPCs, it is much easier to play with them involved. In order to have the best experience possible, it is required to know about all the available NPC characters in Martial Realm.

In Martial Realm, there are several NPC characters, therefore it would be unreasonable to expect one to know what they all do. It is, at least, if you’re trying to remember them from memory.

Thank goodness, you have this helpful Roblox Martial Realm NPC Guide at your disposal. Aren’t you blessed?

Roblox Martial Realm NPC Guide

Roblox Martial Realm NPC Guide

Although each of the following NPC characters in Martial Realm has unique needs, you can use them all to enhance your gameplay.

Hestia (Clan Reroller)

Hestia will reset the players Clan to a random Clan for 120,000 Yen. Alternatively, you can buy Origin Shards from the shop on the phone for 125 Robux, or get them from Codes. Each Shard is one spin.

Clan rarity chance:


  • Common: 67%
  • Uncommon: 26%
  • Rare: 6.5%
  • Legendary: .5%


  • Common: 65%
  • Uncommon: 26.7%
  • Rare: 7.3%
  • Legendary: 1%

Hestia can be found inside TFC, near the Gas Station Bus Stop.

Bishamonten (Potential Reroller)

Bishamonten will change the players Potential randomly for 85,000 Yen. Alternatively, you can buy Personality Shards from the shop on the phone for 100 Robux, or get them from Codes. Each Shard is one spin.

Your new potential will be shown at the top of the screen in green text after rerolling.

Potential rarity chance:

  • D rank: 30%
  • C rank: 50%
  • B rank: 15%
  • A rank: 4.5%
  • S rank: .5%

The list of Potentials and their rarities can be found in Stats and Potentials.

Bishamonten can be found inside the Hajime Police Station, near the Police Station Bus Stop.

Aqua (Style Remover)

Aqua resets your Fighting Style to Combat for 100,000 Yen. This is required if you wish to change your style to a different one.

Aqua can be found inside the Hospital, near the Hospital Bus Stop.

Toga (Subclass Remover)

Toga will remove any subclass you have for 75,000 Yen. Removing subclasses is required if you want to change to a different subclass.

Toga can be found in Saitama Gym, near Saitama Gym Bus Stop.

Twister (Prestige)

Twister will let the player Prestige once they reach max stats and talk to him. For more information on what prestiging does, check Prestiging.

Twister can be found on top of the Fighter’s Association, near Basketball Playground Bus Stop.

Gun (Gangs)

Gun will help the player make a gang for 75,000 Yen. In order to make a gang you need at least 1,000 fame, and it will automatically be disbanded if the leader falls under 750 fame.

If you are currently in a gang and want to leave or disband it, go talk to Gun again.

Bulma (CEO Earnings)

Bulma gives CEO their earnings they get from people buying at their shops. If you aren’t a CEO of a building, then Bulma does nothing for you.

Bulma can be found inside Shima Bank, near Gas Station Bus Stop.

Bank “The Scammer” (Bank Account)

Banktheboss2035 will open a bank account for 3,000 Yen.

Having a bank account will allow you to access ATMs, which can store money for you. Make sure that you also have a Bank Card, given by Giga Chad (Bank Card), to access the ATM.

Money in an ATM won’t be loss if you are defeated by other players. You can also use an ATM to transfer your money to another player.

The bank can be found inside Shima Bank, near Gas Station Bus Stop.

Giga Chad (Bank Card)

Talk to the Giga Chad to retrieve your Bank Card for 1,000 Yen if you lose it from getting defeated in combat.

A Bank Card is required to access ATMs, and can be lost if you die in combat. To open a bank account, talk to Bank “The Scammer” (Bank Account).

Giga Chad can be found inside Shima Bank, near Gas Station Bus Stop.

Sam (Custom Clothes)

Talk to Sam to activate Custom Clothes gamepass. This enables wearing your Roblox avatars clothes.

Sam can be found in High Class Clothes, near the Gas Station Bus Stop.

Zoro (Hair Color)

Zoro will give the player a random hair color for 5,000 Yen. Zoro can be found inside the Barber Shop, near Chengdu Street Bus Stop.

Harambe (Doctor)

Harambe will heal all your scars, increasing by 400 yen for each scar. Found in the north of the Northern City, near Hospital Bus Stop.

Garbage King (Trash Buyer)

Talk to the Garbage King after Digging Through Trash to turn in any trash that you found for Yen. Garbage King can be found outside the Gas Station, near the Gas Station Bus Stop.

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