Roblox Islands Sushi Update 2021 – Cooking additions and more

Do you want to know about the new Roblox Islands Sushi Update? If yes, then check out this latest Roblox Islands Sushi Update guide. In the update, the developers have added a lot of different dishes to the game, including different types of sushi, avocado toast and truffle pizza.

Roblox Islands is a game that everyone is talking about right now. It has been the buzz of the town because it recently received a fresh Roblox Islands Sushi Update that have added new items to the game.

So, without further ado, let us get in depth of this Roblox Islands Sushi Update 2021.

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Roblox Islands Sushi Update 2021

Roblox Islands Sushi Update

The new Roblox Islands Sushi Update has added status effects to 16 pieces of food. Check out the list below to see the new recipes and updates.

  • Added rice crop (seeds are sold by farmer Cletus)
  • Added seaweed crop (seeds are found while fishing)
  • Added truffle pizza and avocado toast with important status effects
  • Added quest log on sidebar to view progress towards active quests
  • Added cutting board
  • Added 4 types of sushi to the game with significant status effects
  • Craft the pond planter to grow rice & seaweed
  • Fixed issue where mobs wouldn’t play on-hit sounds
  • Fixed issue with wood sword swinging very slow
  • Potions now save when swapping servers
  • Improved potion effect UI

About Roblox Islands

Island is a sandbox game by This is heavily influenced by Minecraft’s SkyBlock map. It also contains some Hypixel’s SkyBlock elements that can be played in Minecraft. The game is to expand the island and collect resources to make various items.

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