Roblox Deepwoken Races List (NEW) – Tier List of Races

Below, we have put together a new Roblox Deepwoken Races List in the game to help you decide which race suits your play style. Many Roblox Deepwoken Races have a better reputation than others, and winning or losing is directly determined by the race that you select. There are a lot of Roblox Deepwoken Races List to choose from, so you’ll probably be stumped when it comes to choosing the best race to play. And that is precisely where we come in.

There are also rumors of more changes on the way. So we hope to include them in this Roblox Deepwoken Races List guide as soon as they become available. Without further ado, let us get into this Roblox Deepwoken Races List.

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Roblox Deepwoken Races List – Tier List

roblox deepwoken races list

Here are the currently available Roblox Deepwoken Races List in the game.


This Deepwoken Race provides a +5 boosts to all attributes and possesses two Agility and two Intelligence. Furthermore, it is less vulnerable to Acid Rain. Since the game is in its early stages, so this race is presently unobtainable.


It is a 2.2 percent probability race that gives you 2 Intelligence and 2 Willpower. Sanity offers resistance to this Deepwoken race.


This race doubles the amount of food gained, rest, and sanity, and has a rarity of 2.2 percent. Capra has two Intelligence points and two Willpower points.


Vesperian race has a 7% chance of being picked, and it grants two Fortitude and two Willpower. It also provides additional armor to the players.


Khan race has an 8.7% chance of being drawn by players. This race can equip objects at three points less than required because it has two Strength and two Agility.


Next in our Roblox Deepwoken Races List is Felinor. Increased Stealth is the focus of this race, which has an 8.7% rarity. It gives players two Agility and two Charisma and allows them to climb wood surfaces more easily.


This race is most desirable in this Roblox Deepwoken Races List since it has a 13 percent probability of being rolled, as well as two Strength and two Fortitude. Additionally, this race has the ability to lose hunger more slowly than other races.


Canor in this Roblox Deepwoken Races List is slightly less common, having a 15.2% probability of getting picked. It provides two Strength and two Charisma, while also lowering the amount of damage taken by the team.


This race has a 17.4 percent probability of being chosen with two Agility and two Intelligence points. It also adds +1 health to your character.


With 2 Intelligence and 2 Charisma, this race has a 17.4 percent rarity in this Deepwoken Races List. Ships have 10% extra health for this race. Furthermore, ships are less expensive to buy for this race.


This is one of the three most regularly drawn Races in deepwoken. It has a 17.4 percent chance of being drawn. It has two Charisma and two Willpower as its beginning stats. This race has a stronger starting reputation than others because of these statistics.

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