Roblox Deepwoken Magic Guide (NEW) – Best magic and spells

In this post, we will talk about the new Roblox Deepwoken Magic guide for beginners. Roblox Deepwoken magic and spells are extremely strong, and mastering them can be difficult. Furthermore, there are options to fit all types of play style. Deepwoken’s magic and spells can lend a sense of grandeur and showcase the game’s awe, capturing that mythical world we want.

In Roblox Deepwoken, magic will be one of your most significant battle tools, possibly even more important than the weapon you’re wielding. The many magic types in Deepwoken have their own set of advantages, and you can even tamper with them to alter the eventual effect.

That is the reason, we have decided to write this Roblox Deepwoken Magic Guide for beginners and for advance players.

Roblox Deepwoken Magic Guide

Roblox Deepwoken Magic Guide

In this Roblox Deepwoken Magic guide we have not only listed the magic spells available but also their description, mantras, how to obtain magic spells in Deepwoken and where to train in the game.

Roblox Deepwoken Magic and Spells Guide

Without further ado, let us get started with this Roblox Deepwoken Magic and Spells guide.

1. Flamecharm

  • Magic: Flamecharm
  • Info: An offensive magic type that sets enemies ablaze
  • Mantra: Flame Repulsion, Burning Servants, Flame Palm, Flame Eruption, Flame Gun, Fire Forge, Fire Blade, Flame Grab, Rising Flame, Flame Blind
  • How to get: Unknown
  • Where to train: Unknown

2. Thundercall

  • Magic: Thundercall
  • Info: An offensive magic type that electrocutes enemies with powerful thunderstorms
  • Mantra: Lightning Blade, Lightning Impact, Lightning Clones, Jolt Grab, Lightning Beam, Lightning Strike, Thunder Kick, Grand Javelin, Electro Carve, Bolt Piercer, Lightning Stream, Spark Swap, Lightning Assault Flame Grab, Rising Flame, Flame Blind
  • How to get: Unlocked through the trainer in Summer Isle
  • Where to train: Self-Conducting Loop (Mantra Shop)

3. Galebreath

  • Magic: Galebreath
  • Info: A defensive and movement-based magic type that can grant you a temporary speed boost or let you push enemies away
  • Mantra: Wind Blade, Gale Lunge, Air Force, Tornado, Galetrap, Rising Wind, Wind Gun, Wind Carve, Astral Wind, Dash, Gale Wisp
  • How to get: Unknown
  • Where to train: On the Isle of Vigils in a tent near the Inn

4. Frostdraw

  • Magic: Frostdraw
  • Info: A defensive spell that lets you lay ice traps and create barriers
  • Mantra: Ice Spikes, Ice Beam, Frost Grab, Crystal Impale, Frozen Soldiers, Ice Laser, Crystal Impact, Ice Dagger, Ice Blade, Ice Chain, Ice Forge, Ice Eruption, Ice Smash, Ice Lance, Glacial Arc, Ice Skates
  • How to get: Spawn with or give five Frigid Prisms to Nell near Etris
  • Where to train: Speak to Nell

As you can see from the preceding list, each magic kind has its own set of applications. You can get really creative with how you use them in the fight. Furthermore, please note that this list includes all of the magic types we have identified thus far. As we come across any new Deepwoken magic and spells, we will add them into the Roblox Deepwoken magic guide.

Deepwoken Magic Spell Modification

According to Ragoozer, one of the Roblox Deepwoken designers, you cannot invent spells, but you may modify them.

  • Aeon Log stone – Makes effects last longer
  • Eternal Log stone – Better version of Aeon Logstone
  • Drift Shard – Makes mantras (mainly projectiles) move faster
  • Rush Shard – Better version of Drift Shard
  • Crystal Lens – Increases range of weapons
  • Perfect Lens – Better version of Crystal Lens
  • Cloud stone – Makes your mantra effects larger in size
  • Stratus Stone – Better version of Cloud stone
  • Amnesiac Driftwood – Removes all modifiers on a mantra
  • Vibrant Gem – Makes flames burn more intensively, ice freezes better, etc (elemental boosts)

So that concludes our latest Roblox Deepwoken magic guide for beginners. For more tips and guide, head on to our Roblox Guide section and read our latest:

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