Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes For Food and More

In this article, we will talk about the new Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Food, Potions and Materials guide. Deepwoken is the most recent game to enter the Roblox universe, and fans are eager to learn more about it. Roblox Deepwoken is a game developed by Monad Studios. The game is a permadeath style fantasy game that revolves more around deep exploration, mystery and lore.

The role playing gameplay of Roblox Deepwoken makes it quite unique. You can also craft a variety of items such as food, potions and materials to help you in the game.

Which is why we have created this Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes List. Collecting ingredients is an integral part of this game, and there are lots of Food Items, Potions and Materials you can make with them in Roblox Deepwoken.

Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes

Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes – Food

Roblox Deepwoken crafting recipes are excellent for quickly crafting any food items that you may run out of while out on an adventure. All of the Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes listed below are used to make food and drinks. As a result, eating them will aid in the recovery of the Hunger and Thirst meters.

RecipeIngredientsRequires Camp Fire
NoodlesOne egg and two Gathered WheatNo
Redd JuiceThree Redd (Apples)No
ChumTwo FishmeatNo
Candied FruitTwo Redd and one SapNo
Mushroom SoupOne Browncap and one DentifiloYes
Mushroom Egg SoupTwo Eggs and one DentifiloYes
BreadThree Gathered WheatYes
OmeletteTwo EggsYes
Sticky BunOne Sap and three Gathered WheatYes
Cooked FishmeatOne FishmeatYes

Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes – Materials

The Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes in the table above illustrates how to transform everyday items such as Bamboo Shoots, Spider Eggs, and Cloth into various materials and products.

FiberOne Spider Egg
FiberTwo Bamboo Shoots
SackTwo Cloth
ClothThree Fiber

Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes – Potions

Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes can be used to create potions with numerous purposes. Some, however, can be used to regenerate vitals such as HP and Ether. Other potions can be hurled like projectiles, slamming into nearby targets and unleashing devastating effects.

Heartening ElixirBlue cap, Calabash, Spider Egg
Invigorating ElixirThree Gobletto
Focus-Enhancing ElixirThree Brown caps and two Gathered Wheat
Icky BaneThree Redd
Soothing SalveTwo Brown caps and one Dentifillo
Soothing PotionOne Brown cap, one Gobletto, and two Dentifillo
Disgusting BaneThree Brown cap
Soothing TinctureThree Dentifillo
Dulling BlightTwo Gathered Wheat and one Dentifillo
Disgusting BlightOne Stick and two Browncap

That’s everything there is to know about the full list of Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes for Potions, Food and Materials in Roblox Deepwoken. We will continue to add to this list of Roblox Deepwoken Crafting Recipes as new updates become available. Bookmark this website for the most recent Roblox Deepwoken Guide, Tips, and related updates.

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