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If you have questions about the game, you will probably find the answers in this Roblox Da Hood Trello page. This Trello page of Roblox Da Hood contains details on the latest Da Hood codes, Da Hood tier list, Da Hood maps guide, the best Da Hood weapons and much more.

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Now, before we get into this Roblox Da Hood Trello guide let us first know a little about Trello company.

What Is Trello In Roblox?

Trello is a project planning platform that enables users to create and edit informational cards. These have been employed frequently by the Da Hood developers as a means of providing users with crucial information about the experience. Roblox Da Hood Trello cards are popular among players who play this game since they can be utilized for free and have a range of news and updates.

Roblox Da Hood Trello

Roblox Da Hood Trello – Wiki

The role-playing sandbox game Da Hood is produced by Da Hood Entertainment. The setting of the game is in a gang subculture where you can join a gang by becoming a criminal or an officer by joining the police.

You can gather a number of weapons for use in either assaulting or defending against other players thanks to the game’s currency accumulation system. You can even pose as a police officer or a criminal in the game. The officers’ duty is to arrest the perpetrators while they commit bank and store robberies.

Roblox Da Hood Tier List – Best Weapons

Next, subtopic in this Roblox Da Hood Trello page is the tier list of weapons available in the game. You will learn about the top five weapons in the Roblox Da Hood tier list by reading this manual.

Da Hood Weapons Tier List – S 


A revolver can be purchased for $1300 from the jewelry store, an alleyway, and a street corner northwest of Da Bank. It has a damage rating of 36 and costs $75 in ammo. It quickly dispatches the opponent and deals 40% more damage than the Silencer.

Double Barrel SG

In the game, the Double Barrel SG can be found near a red building and Da Casino where it can be purchased for $1300. It is a one-shot pro-gun that can completely destroy your opponents with a single perfect shot.

Da Hood Weapons Tier List – A


The SMG can be purchased from the Tryone’s for $750. It is an expert weapon for skilled players, and it is also the best short-range spam gun in Da Hood.


In Roblox Da Hood, the jewelry shop sells the LMG for $3750. The weapon can kill your opponents in 12 body shots and contains 100 rounds of ammunition. Although it deals less physical damage, it penetrates armor more quickly than SMG.

Da Hood Weapons Tier List – B


The RPG is a $20000 explosive weapon that can be purchased in the sewers. Opponents within an area are easily eliminated using a rocket launcher, or RPG.

That concludes our Da Hood weapons tier list. Let us now find out the list of the latest codes in this Roblox Da Hood Trello page.

Roblox Da Hood Codes

Below you will find the list of new and working Da Hood Codes – use them before they expire!

Da Hood Code Description
FIREWORKS Redeem this Da Hood code for 100k cash, five premium crates, five DHC crates, five fireworks
DHSUPRISE Redeem this Da Hood code for 50k cash, 10 crates, and 8 premium crates
2022JUNE Redeem this Da Hood code for 250k DHC, three premium crates, five regular crates
freepremiumcrate Redeem this Da Hood code for premium crate

How Do I Redeem Codes In Da Hood?

Not sure how to redeem Da Hood Codes? Simply follow the steps below:

  • Open up Da Hood in your device.
  • In the lower left corner, click the tiny Treasure Chest.
  • In the Code box, type the new Da Hood code.
  • Finally, click Redeem and have fun with your freebies.

And that is everything you need to know about Roblox Da Hood Codes.

That brings us to the end of our Roblox Da Hood Trello page. If you still don’t see the information you are looking for then go through this official Roblox Da Hood Trello website.

We hope that this Roblox Da Hood Trello page with information regarding weapons tier list and codes will help you in your journey.


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