Roblox AU Reborn Tier List Wiki (NEW) – Best Character Guide

Find the latest Roblox AU Reborn tier list in this guide!

To make you aware of the best characters in AU Reborn, we have created this Roblox AU Reborn tier list. Characters are an essential part of Roblox AU Reborn and deciding which unit to pick plays a very crucial role in the game.

Therefore, this Roblox AU Reborn tier list is for those who are not sure about the characters to choose when they get started. Moreover, if you are looking for freebies in other Roblox games we also have new Roblox AU Reborn Codes and Roblox Holy War 3 Codes list. You will get free coins and other bonus rewards after redeeming the codes in the game.

Now, let us get started with this new Roblox AU Reborn tier list without any further delay.

Roblox AU Reborn Tier List

Roblox AU Reborn Tier List Wiki – Best Character

This Roblox AU Reborn tier list is divided into four tiers staring from S tier to C tier. The units in the S tier are those which you should aim for and units in C tier should be avoided.

Roblox AU Reborn Unit Rank
Shisui, Issei, Fubuki, Jonsey S tier
Garou, Tsuna, Tanjiro Kamado, Yugi, Yor Forget – Free, Gojo Satoru, A tier
Janeki, Hit, Boa B tier
Fabuli Unfinished, Con, Naruto, Asuna C tier
Kirito Unfinished, Kefla Unfinished D tier

That concludes our new Roblox AU Reborn tier list. Bookmark this page as we will update this list with new units once they are released by the developers.

Which Is The Best Character In AU Reborn?

Generally all units in the game are good enough. However, some units are better than others in certain situations. But, there is no bad unit in the game as it all depends on the individuals perspective.

Although, as per our Roblox AU Reborn tier list, Shisui, Issei, Fabuki and Jonsey are considered to be the best characters in AU Reborn. When you start playing the game you should aim for these units initially.

Is AU Reborn Free To Play?

Yes, it is more f2p friendly. It has some aspects of p2w, but It’s very extremely f2p friendly and almost everything in the game can be solved without paying Robux. Game passes aren’t really beneficial, although AU Reborn codes usually come in handy!

So that’s all we got in this post on Roblox AU Reborn tier list. Please note that this is an initial AU Reborn tier list and ranking of certain units may change as we receive new updates from the developers.

AU Reborn Controls

  • 1,2,3,4 (Skills)
  • 5 (Resolve)
  • E (Passive)
  • F (Block)
  • G (Awakening)
  • Q (Dash)

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