Roblox Anime Story Tier List [NEW] – Best Weapons Guide

Heading into your next game? Check out this Roblox Anime Story weapons tier list for the latest on which weapons are the best in this free-to-play game!

It is time to take a look at our Roblox Anime Story tier list of the best weapons. There’s no use picking the best character in Anime Story if the weapons you are using aren’t hitting hard.

There are so many factors that we use when compiling the Roblox Anime Story tier list. It can be challenging to choose the best weapon for a given situation because everyone has a different play style. Furthermore, this Roblox Anime Story tier list is based on a combination of our individual experiences with these weapons and precise, hard data.

Moreover, every time a new patch is released, we’ll keep this Roblox Anime Story tier list. So come back often to see whether your favorite weapon has lost its rank in this Roblox Anime Story tier list.

Roblox Anime Story Tier List – Best Weapons Guide

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Thor’s Might, YoruS tier
Kunai, Executioner’s Blade, ZangetsuA tier
Kiribachi, Demon’s Greatsword, Ki FistB tier
Celestial Blade, Kunai, Cutlass,C tier
Chained FistsD tier

Which Is The Best Weapon In Anime Story?

There are a select few weapons that dominate the competition. The top of this Anime Story tier list is occupied by Thor’s Might and Yoru. This is a result of their destructive potential, usability, and suitability for various kinds of situations.

However, if you ask us to pick one, then we will go with Yoru. Yoru is obtained by buying it with 1,249 Robux, Yoru comes with “Night Slashes” (power) (BLESSED) which makes it one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

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