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Are you looking forward to the latest Roblox Anime Mania updates? Then this Roblox Anime Mania Trello will be of use to you. Nowadays, online users, particularly in the North America, need constant game updates in order to have a real-time experience. As a result, the creators keep Roblox Anime Mania up to date in order to stay competitive.

Thus, we have decided to publish this Roblox Anime Mania Trello & Wiki from where you can get the latest guide and updates from the creators.

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Roblox Anime Mania Trello & Wiki

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What Is Roblox Anime Mania?

Roblox Anime Mania Trello

Roblox Anime Mania is one of the unique anime experiences on Roblox in this age of multiverse mashups. The game moves away from the top-down tower defense genre and toward a third-person beat em up, inspired by classics like All Star Tower Defense and Ani-Blox Legends. You will find all of your favorite Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball characters present and accounted for in this game.

Anime Mania is a fighting game in which you fight in a variety of places based on anime series, and you can select from a variety of characters from those series. Characters are obtained by rolling them in the lobby; each has a rarity, and the rarer the character is, the more powerful it is.

As you progress through the game and visit different locations, you’ll earn Gems and Gold, which you can use to create new characters. Characters can be ‘fed’ other characters to level up, which means you’ll have to sacrifice some of your weaker units to make your favored unit stronger.

The options are endless when you build your own party of three characters. That being said, have a good time at Anime Mania and enjoy yourself.

Roblox Anime Mania Guide

This game is about a plethora of characters from Japanese media that have been put into a game for you to use and fight enemies with! This Roblox Anime Mania guide is for newbies who are just getting started.


Codes grant you unlimited gems and cash, which you can spend to purchase a variety of troops.


Katakuri (mochi master), Stagger (hit), Funny Valentine (humorous valentine), and Gucci (Pucci) are fantastic because they have either INCREDIBLE survivability, massive damage, great and extended IFrames, or all of the above. Farm Marine Ford or Majority if you ever need gems.

Farm Arelong Park if you need gold. Daily achievements are also available, which award gold and gems for relatively simple activities.


You want to finish the story so that you can use all the fodder units and farms to, well, farm. You can always recruit more people, but each additional participant on your team will increase the enemies’ health.


You should absolutely employ characters like Funny Valentine or Katakuri for this raid once you get them. You only have a 1% chance of getting him, but if you do, everything will be a lot easier because he is one of the top three greatest characters for everything.

For Katakuri, use Mochi Floor, then Mochi Stampede, then when he does a move, use either mochi grenade or mochi roll to defend yourself, as you are invincible during those two moves.

You should be alright if you repeat the process over and over. However, this is far more difficult than making a hilarious Valentine.

Next in this Roblox Anime Mania Trello I will talk about in-game currency.

Roblox Anime Mania Currency

The major currencies in Anime Mania are gems and gold. Beat raids (rewards from each raid in maps), use AFK mode, complete achievements, and potentially more in the future to earn gems and gold.

  • You can spend Gold on character evolution, Trait purchases, and Gold Summons.
  • Gem Summons are a way to spend Gems.
  • Finally, you can use gems to purchase character slots (albeit the maximum number of character slots is 200).
  • Finally, the maximum diamonds and coins are 10,000 and 100,000 respectively.

Roblox Anime Mania Tier List

Here is the latest Roblox Anime Mania Tier List.

Ascension S+ Mythical
Adult Gone S+ Mythical
Ashura S+ Mythical
God Speed S+ Mythical
Dreamer S+ Mythical
Joenie Act 4 S+ Mythical
Indra S+ Mythical
Nakaza S+ Mythical
Majority For Individual S+ Mythical
Mudra Six Sage S+ Mythical
Tengoku S+ Mythical
Pink Son Monkey S+ Mythical
Sleepy Joe S+ Mythical
Child Boo S Legendary
Prime White Bear S Mythical
All Mighty S Legendary
Husirama S Legendary
Gucci S Legendary
Humourous Valentine S Legendary
Nil S Legendary
Masta S Legendary
Mudra S Legendary
Wise Sage S Legendary
Nojo S Legendary
Trolly S Legendary
Zarkk S Legendary
Yoshi Kira S Legendary
Kuramika A Legendary
Hawkme A Legendary
Hell Flame A Legendary
Misoka A Legendary
Takashi A Legendary
Mochi Master A Legendary
Pisuke A Legendary
Stagger A Legendary
Tonoki A Legendary
Tamamoto A Legendary
Thunder God A Legendary
Zakainu A Legendary
White Bear A Legendary
Freezing Inferno B Legendary
Awakened Hitachi B Legendary
Kentachi B Legendary
Hauled Over B Legendary
Phoenix B Legendary
Lezuko B Legendary
Minatoes B Legendary
Slug Sage B Legendary
Riyuu B Legendary
Hanks C Legendary
DEUS C Legendary
Weather Reporter C Legendary
Lace C Legendary
Chilling Tukia D Rare
Akita D Rare
Concentrated Maruto D Rare
Atika D Rare
Alligator D Rare
Cold Fire D Rare
Gio Gio D Rare
Coolnareff D Rare
Future Hogan D Rare
Gone D Rare
Grimmjoe D Rare
Hitachi D Rare
Joenie D Rare
Joesuke D Rare
Jon D Rare
Kakugan D Rare
Komodura D Rare
Labi D Rare
Lad Unhinged D Rare
Melidass D Rare
Shinjo D Rare
Smogger D Rare
Tangerine D Rare
Tojaro Pujo D Rare
TS Fuffly D Rare
Visorded Echigo D Rare
Zipper Expert D Rare
Zyakura D Rare
Bantai Echigo F Uncommon
Cog 2nd Fuffly F Uncommon
Deku F Uncommon
Echigo F Common
Fuffly F Common
Kid Maruto F Common
Kid Sakaki F Common
Lad F Common
Laser Belly F Uncommon
Godalomia F Uncommon
Puryuu F Common
Sakaki F Uncommon
Scaredy Joe F Uncommon
Son Monkey F Common
Maruto F Uncommon
Tanji F Common
Teen Maruto F Uncommon
Teen Sakaki F Uncommon
Trashura F Common
Son Monkey SSJ F Uncommon
Wami F Common
Zolo F Uncommon
Tukia F Uncommon

Next in this Roblox Anime Mania Trello, I will talk a bit about the latest One Piece Update.

Roblox Anime Mania Update


  • New legendary, “Mochi Master”
  • New Legendary, “Thunder God”
  • New Legendary, “Phoenix”
  • New Legendary, “Zakainu”
  • New Rare, “Alligator”
  • New fodder units
  • EXP UNITS HAVE BEEN ADDED! They give 15 EXP per feed
  • In infinity mode every 5 rounds you have a 10% to get an, “EXP UNIT”


  • Fixed Awakened Hitachi black fire on mobile
  • Banner glitching should be fixed!


  • Yamamoto’s move no longer fling enemies at mach 20
  • Sadness new move added, “Animal Path Summoning” he calls in the animal path, and he gets iframes
  • Mobile no longer stops running when using a move/stunned
  • Neji- Buffed HP
  • Improved Broly’s dash move
  • Shanks 1 and 2 skills changed so now u can use him as an assist unit
  • There is no level limit on getting a trait
  • Buying a trait buffed to 50,000 Gold
  • You can reset your trait with 1000 Gems
  • Pity pull no longer saves after leaving HOWEVER if you have never done a pity pull then it will save until you activate it.
  • You now have to unlock new categories by finishing categories.

Final Verdict

In this Roblox Anime Mania Trello we mentioned some important information, including the most recent updates, Anime Mania Tier List and beginner guide.

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