Roblox A Universal Time Update Log – Yone, Yasuo & More

Latest Roblox A Universal Time Update was announced on November 21, 2021, by the developers. This Roblox A Universal Time Update will introduce some new skins, along with a new Yone and Yasuo. You can also expect some critical bug fixes and introduction of other items in this Roblox A Universal Time Update Log.

Without further ado, let us find out all the latest things added in this Roblox A Universal Time Update Log Patch Notes.

Roblox A Universal Time Update Log

a universal time update patch notes

A Universal Time Update Log- Skins

  • PHANTOM // SHAPER (Event)
  • HOLLOW // SHAPER (Event)
  • Queen O’Lantern (Event)
  • Phantom Queen (Event)
  • Sinister Blade (Event)
  • Hellish Crimson (Event)
  • Made In Rainbows (Legendary)
  • Elucidator & Dark Repulser (Legendary)
  • Shadow Dio: Space Pirate (Legendary)
  • Shadow Dio: K//Amnesia (Epic)
  • Yasuo: Mistsplitter (Legendary)
  • Yasuo: Virulent (Epic)
  • Yone: Raiden (Epic)
  • Buster (Epic)
  • The World: OVA (Epic)
  • Dragon Slayer (Epic)
  • Reaper: Blizzard (Epic)
  • The World: Arcade (Epic)
  • Shadow Dio: AMSP (Epic)
  • Yone: Three Sword Style (Epic)
  • Yasuo: Enma (Rare)
  • Nocturnus: Burning (Rare)
  • Shadow Dio: OKC (Rare)
  • Yasuo: Ame no Habakiri (Rare)
  • Reaper: Crystal (Rare)
  • Reaper: Sickle of Sorrow (Epic)
  • Reaper: Nightmare (Epic)
  • Keyblade (Rare)
  • Solar (Rare)
  • Kite (Rare)
  • Reaper: Obsidian (Rare)
  • Shadow Dio: Sun (Rare)
  • Reaver (Rare)
  • Yasuo: Zou Zou (Rare)
  • Dawn: Kiribachi (Rare)
  • Reaper: Soul Scythe (Rare)
  • Shadow The World Requiem: Spirit (Uncommon)
  • King Crimson: Monochrome (Uncommon)
  • Star Platinum Requiem: Spirit (Uncommon)
  • Industrial Queen (Uncommon)
  • Star Spangled Platinum (Uncommon)
  • The World: Codex (Uncommon)
  • VELVET // SHAPER (Uncommon)
  • TWHV: Ruby (Common)
  • TWHV: Sapphire (Common)
  • Gold Experience: Gelo (Common)
  • Star Platinum: Yellow (Common)
  • Gold Experience: Rosso (Common)
  • King Crimson: Toothpaste (Common)
  • Killer Queen: Frigid (Uncommon)
  • D4C: Patriot (Uncommon)

A Universal Time Update Log – Quality Changes

  • The World’s Road Roller now ignores global TS cooldown. As a result, its cooldown has been changed. (90 seconds if you land it, 25 if you miss)
  • Added a new landing effect
  • Added a new landing effect and sound effect based on surface
  • Kq’s bites the dust no longer works on sheer heart attack, and will act as if you missed if you attempt to plant it on sha.
  • Server timer adjusted, regions indicator added.
  • Made it so if you block in TS, the block cannot be released and after TS ends, there’s a 1-second delay before you can release (or before it auto releases if you aren’t holding the key down)
  • reduced lag a bit more
  • The World’s Road Roller’s AoE damage now has a bigger range (18 > 36).
  • The World’s Checkmate now no longer slows you down.
  • The World’s Joseph Knife does 35 damage instead of 25.
  • You can no longer jump during a Strong Punch (SP3’s R, TWHV’s R, etc)
  • The World’s Stop Sign stun time has been buffed to 1 second, and it now blocks breaks.
  • Starting CD for Bloodsuck (both TW and SD) is removed.
  • Optimized auras and effects
  • Changed main menu map

A Universal Time Update Log – Balance Changes

  • Crystalized & Nuclear Star’s Barrage damage has been nerfed.
  • Crystalized & Nuclear Star’s Barrage strong punch has been nerfed.
  • Star Platinum: The World’s Bearing Shot now does 25 damage, and has a 9-second cooldown.
  • Star Platinum: The World’s Arm Crusher now has a startup indicator.
  • King Crimson’s Arm Chop now has a startup indicator. Running out of King Crimson’s range before the indicator disappears will cancel Arm Chop. As a result, Arm Chop is no longer blockable.
  • Dawn’s R now has a startup indicator.

A Universal Time Update Log – Misc Items

  • Remodeled Cspr
  • Remodeled D4c
  • Remodeled Kq
  • Remodeled Shadow Dio
  • Remodeled Shadow Legs
  • Added a New Npc (Daily Quests for Ushards Currency)
  • Added Yone, the Unforgotten (New Spec)
  • Added Yasuo, the Unforgiven (New Spec)
  • Added a New Boss (Umbra)
  • Added a New Boss Limited Time 1 Week
  • Added New Npcs (Thugs)
  • Added a New Npc (Umbra User)
  • Added a New Item (Masks)
  • Added a New Item (Swords)
  • Added a New Item (Pumpkin)
  • New Aura (for Better Performance)
  • Added 5 New Moves to Umbra
  • New Background Musics
  • New Shop Item (Bike)
  • New User Interface
  • New in-game Store
  • New Map

A Universal Time Update Log – Big Fixes

  • Fixed stands not having pose musics nor particles
  • Fixed a few poses breaking
  • Fixed some pose musics not loading
  • Fixed KC pose animation not loading
  • Fixed, being able to attack the victim in Tusk’s beat down
  • Fixed standless’s and shadow dio trails not showing correctly
  • Fixed injured state, making you unable to run
  • Fixed SPTW’s beat down cooldown when you land it
  • Fixed Resolve being broken
  • Fixed WS being able to move stack with stand-off E or if you use gun and quickly barrage
  • Fixed WS G occurring if you counter or dash through it
  • Fixed Switching GE repeatedly before the scorpion is created lets you mass create scorpions
  • Fixed Blood sucks on silver bullet
  • Fixed Any move without a damage indicator does not heal you if you kill someone with them
  • Fixed Missing tusk beat down breaks your character
  • Fixed HSTWR not having TS and TS movements too
  • Fixed HSTWR having the same barrage effect as STWR
  • Fixed getting your dimension hop cancelled disables your reset until you do a dimension hop successfully
  • Fixed Resolve SFX on SPTW
  • Fixed TW TS not being cancellable
  • Fixed Hitting a scorpion with Tusk’s BD gets you stuck in place
  • Fixed Turning off Camera shake not working
  • Fixed, targets can no longer be hit by third parties if they are being attacked with Tusk’s Unrelenting Assault, Star Platinum 3’s Skull Crusher, or Broly’s Pulverizer.
  • Fixed, leaving while grabbing someone with Broly’s Gigantic Crash no longer prevents them from using any moves.
  • Fixed, KC’s Arm Chop no longer completely breaks on Sheer Heart Attack.
  • Fixed, TW’s Donut has more end lag upon missing.
  • Fixed, P//S can no longer move stack with Wing Slash.
  • Fixed: Cooldowns should now be more accurate and shouldn’t desync. This means that the cooldowns of moves (especially moves such as SPTW’s resolve, Tusk’s Dark Determination, etc) will no longer be shorter as the server gets older.

Roblox A Universal Time Update Log – Yone and Yasuo

In this AUT Update there are two currencies in the shop, the blue one is the free one that you earn from doing daily quests and such, the gold one is the premium one which is only for ROBUX, we tried making the prices as fair as possible. (ALL STANDS/SPECS GOT POSES BUT SOME STILL DIDN’T BUT IM WORKING ON THAT AND IT’LL BE VERY SOON NOT NEXT UPDATE BUT HOPEFULLY AFTER A DAY OR SO I’LL TRY TO GET IT DONE)

About Roblox A Universal Time Game

Universe Time Studio owns and produces this game. A Universal Time is an adventure game based on popular Araki’s manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The game implies fighting other players, farming for items, etc. AUT is somewhat of a PVP simulator and a trading and grinding simulator game.

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