Revelation: Infinite Journey Closed Beta Announced for December

Revelation: Infinite Journey Closed Beta Announced for December

VNG Corporation has announced that the Closed Beta test for Revelation: Infinite Journey will begin from 11:00 AM, December 22, 2022, to 1:00 PM, December 29, 2022 (GMT +8).

Players can go to the official website of the Revelation: Infinite Journey game and register for the closed beta version. The developers have also requested all players to share some in-game screenshots on Social Media and let them know what they think about the world of Revelation!

What makes Revelation: Infinite Journey unique from other MMORPGs

Quoting from the official Facebook page of Revelation:

“Revelation Development Team wishes to create a space where you can completely create a unique image that can reflect your true personality or be completely independent of your identity & personality – a place where you can be anyone!

When designing Revelation, the Development Team conducted a research & design session for the 3 core points – the player, the NPC, the world that compose the RPG element. “Each point has its own distinctive and interwoven parts. Through these core points, we want to build a more vivid (in game) world.” – Revelation Development Team shared.

Through the above sharing, Revelation Development Team hopes that Adventurers can bring a wider pov  to start their journey in Cloud Song continent. “The most precious gift of any journey is not in the destination”, but in the process of experiencing, interacting with characters & players in a richer, more authentic way, and be fully immersed in a unique character system – a world where you can be anyone, and truly experience the MMORPG that lives up to its definition!”

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