Ragnarok Origin Tier List and Character Guide

After a lengthy wait, we finally had a chance to create this Ragnarok Origin Tier List. In this Ragnarok Origin guide, we have arranged the Ragnarok Origin characters from best to worst. For those unfamiliar with Ragnarok Origin, it is a renowned online MMORPG game developed by the well-known Gravity game studios.

The game allows you to take on the role of the hero in an epic adventure set in a magnificent open-world setting. Immerse yourself in a large fantasy realm filled with enigmatic monsters and legendary characters. In this open-world role-playing game, you can explore huge landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and fabled dungeons.

While every character has the ability to make a positive contribution, only a few assist in critical situations. As a result, this Ragnarok Origin Tier List will let you choose heroes that can help you improve your game.

So, without further ado, let us find out the best characters in Ragnarok Origin Tier List.

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Ragnarok Origin Tier List

Ragnarok Origin Tier List

In this Ragnarok Origin Tier List, we have divided the characters from best to worst of their abilities.

Ragnarok Origin Tier List (S Tier)

  • Swordsman → Swordsman is very strong both in defense and in offense. They are used to conquering battlefields and provide protection.
  • Mage →  With insights into all the elements that exist in the world, the mage studies and attributes and characteristics of monsters and helps allies to kill them.
  • High Priest →  The Transcendent variation of Priest is High Priest. High Priest is a rock in the midst of turmoil, more than capable of safeguarding the teammates from even the most fierce enemy. Despite the Priests of Prontera Church teaching them many skills, they still need to learn a few more from the Gods themselves.

Ragnarok Origin Tier List (A Tier)

  • Merchant → The Merchant has various buying and selling related skills. She can carry far more items than any other characters in this Ragnarok Origin Tier List.
  • Archer → Archer are very talented in dealing with bow and arrow. They have a great ability to help allies by support fire and shooting enemies from far.

Ragnarok Origin Tier List (B Tier)

  • Thief → Though the thief may not have strength for intense combat, they excel in quick movements that can cause disruption in enemy lines.
  • Acolyte → The Acolyte doesn’t have a weapon to destroy enemies. They are mostly used to help allies in healing and amplifying their abilities.

Ragnarok Origin Game Features

Endless Build Customization

  • To improve your play style and vanquish your opponents, customize and upgrade your weapons, armor, magic spells, and more.
  • Level up your talents to fight dark dungeons and powerful MVP creatures that you’ll encounter on your excursions.

Fantasy RPG Story Campaign

  • Inside this fascinating world, you’ll find adventure, entertainment, and even enigmatic secrets.
  • Choose your path and take part in one-of-a-kind missions, events, and everyday challenges.
  • Collect and grow mystical cute pets that help you on adventures.
  • Meet unforgettable friends and defeat powerful foes along the way.

Dynamic Action Battles

  • Hundreds of weapons with improved animations.
  • Sensitive controls provide quick adjustments to changing combat conditions.
  • Fight in multiple magical and legendary arenas throughout the kingdom.
  • Choose a battle plan for your RPG, learn new attacks, and prepare your battle potions.

Ragnarok Origin Game Information

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