Ultimate Ragnarok Battle Academy Beginners Guide

Today we will go through this Ragnarok Battle Academy beginners guide. The game is a combination of MMORPG and Battle Royale, having chibi graphics. Ragnarok Battle Academy is developed by Electronics Extreme Limited for Android and iOS devices. Ragnarok Battle Academy was initially released for pre-registration from December 2nd to December 8th only for Android devices.

Ragnarok Battle Academy Introduction

Ragnarok Battle Academy is a more like a group battle royale game, with features of popular role-playing mobile games. The battle royale format is straightforward: players must survive while competing against other online players. Players can select a dynamic class, equip weapons, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboard. The game is a fresh and optimistic addition to the popular Ragnarok Online universe. Ragnarok Battle Academy is set in medieval Europe and is mixed with fairy tales from the famous Ragnarok series’.

Ragnarok Battle Academy Beginners Guide

Ragnarok Battle Academy Beginners Guide

In this Ragnarok Battle Academy beginners guide, we will go through the details in brief. This Ragnarok Battle Academy guide is going to be helpful for someone who just started playing this game. You begin your trip as a student at Ragnarok Battle Academy, rather than a professional adventurer. With empty hands, you must develop everything from skills to equipment. The practice fields are where you can put your skills and abilities to the test in Ragnarok Battle Academy. Along with that, it is very critical that you hone your fighting skills, teamwork, and strength before venturing out into the actual world.

Ragnarok Battle Academy Class List

Next in this Ragnarok Battle Academy beginners guide, we will discuss about the Ragnarok Battle Academy Class list. The various classes in Ragnarok Battle Academy will determine your playing style and tactics. There are seven different classes available in Ragnarok Battle Academy:

  • Magician – The opponent will be frozen and unable to react for a few seconds if you use Blaze or Freeze. Your capacity to attack and destroy opponents will be enhanced if you have teammates of this class.
  • Archer – Those who choose this class have a long-range advantage. Because of their high concentration, monsters can readily be slaughtered by their bows and arrows.
  • Merchant – At a celebration for breaker and trader, merchant are going to be your enthusiastic supporters. The game will swiftly shift in their favor with them.
  • Swordsman – In this class, you have two primary skills: protection and direct attack.
  • Acolyte – you can curse and bless. The mission of this class is to keep comrades alive when they are injured.
  • Thief – They can become invisible to opponents and use poison to kill opponents faster.
  • Novice – They are beginners who can learn and acquire skills quickly.

Ragnarok Battle Academy Tips and Tricks

Next we have section for tips and tricks in this Ragnarok Battle Academy beginners guide.

Rotate Starting Position

Don’t be scared to switch starting places throughout the Ragnarok Battle Academy tournament. Each position will be appropriate for a specific class. Prontero City, Sunny Ville, Victory Ville, Poring Forest, and other places are good starting points.

Kill as many monsters as possible

The next Ragnarok Battle Academy tips for you is to kill as many monsters as possible. Furthermore, is it will help you to gain experience and level up. Additionally, while moving, you can grab extra weapons or necessary items. To kill enemies quickly, you can play solo or in a group with other players.

Kill MVP boss for bonus items

You will randomly come across the MVP Boss when exploring the map in Ragnarok Battle Academy. If you successfully kill it, you will receive a magnificent relic or buff to help you in your journey.

Upgrade Items for boost

The objects and materials you gather while exploring in Ragnarok Battle Academy are crucial. You can upgrade your equipment to boost your combat ability. The higher your equipment level, the more powerful you are against monsters and other opponents.

Ragnarok Battle Academy is a game you can’t miss, thanks to its stunning 3D graphics and innovative gameplay aspects.

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