PowerSlave Exhumed Weapons Guide 2022

In this PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide, we will know about the best weapons in PowerSlave Exhumed. The game comes with a large arsenal of weaponry to wield in the fight.

Rather than merely listing the weapons in the PowerSlave Exhumed game, we will give you a brief overview of weapons with their abilities.

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Without ado, let us get started with this PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide.

PowerSlave Exhumed Weapons Guide

PowerSlave Exhumed Weapons Guide

Machete – First in this PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide is a Machete. It might not rust, but that doesn’t mean you should really rely on it too much. Ideal for causing a bit of property damage though. Use the machete to smash pots and vases. Just hope nothing jumps out of them!

Pistol – Did you fire six shots or only five? No worries, guns in PowerSlave Exhumed never need reloading! This is your standard revolver. Serviceable at long distance for picking off some weaker enemies, but consider something bigger when trifling with larger foes.

M60 – The M60 is undeniably the workhorse weapon of PowerSlave Exhumed and will likely see more use than any other weapon in the game. This bad boy has a high rate of fire, it’s very effective up close, and performs moderately well at distances, too. Very satisfying to use, and will make you stick your lips out as you fire it. Keep this one stocked up on ammo at all times.

Amun Bomb – Next in this PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide is Amun Bomb. These are your grenades, and will prove to be a very useful tool. Not only do the Amun bombs deal good damage to enemies, but they can also be used to destroy weakened walls and cracked structures. The longer you hold the fire button in, the further you will throw it. Be sure to learn the art of ‘bomb-boosting’. This works very much like Quake’s ‘rocket jump’ where you time your jump as the bomb explodes, propelling you higher and further than normal at the cost of some damage.

Flamethrower – It does what it says on the tin. Particularly useful against mummies and wasps, the flamethrower will cause prolonged damage to an enemy so long as it’s on fire. It burns through fuel fast, so use it sparingly!

Cobra Staff – The Cobra Staff shoots powerful green snake things that home in on nearby targets. Clearly designed for long-range use, the Cobra Staff is deadly at a distance, but the splash damage caused on impact makes it dangerous to use in close quarters combat. It can also be used as an alternative to the Amun bombs for boosting.

Ring of Ra – Unleash the fury of the Gods with a volley of ferocious fireballs. This ring drains in ‘ammunition’ very quickly, so keep it in your back pocket for a particularly rainy day. Fireballs cast from this will bounce around the vicinity, sniffing out any target it can.

Manacle of Power – Last in this PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide is Manacle of Power. Fire devastating bolts of lightning and eviscerate your enemies. Easily the most ‘expensive’ weapon to use in terms of ammunition, you should really save this for one of the bosses, unless you’re feeling particularly cruel of course. Hold the fire button in to charge it up for massive damage.

That is everything you need to know about PowerSlave Exhumed weapons guide.

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