PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh Location Guide – How to get ankh

Finding Ankh in PowerSlave Exhumed can be tricky, but finding them is essential for smooth progress. In this PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh location guide we will learn the best places to find Ankh in PowerSlave game.

If you don’t know, PowerSlave Exhumed is a first-person shooter video game based in Karnak region of Egypt. It is a KEX Engine port of the classic console game perfectly blending both the PlayStation & Saturn versions.

The developers describe the game content like this:

“The new PowerSlave Exhumed game is a perfect depictions of violence and gore that the past versions reflect. It is by no means realistic, but it may not be appropriate for all audiences.”

Ankh in PowerSlave Exhumed

PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh Location Guide

Ankh is a cross-like object or design with a loop instead of the top arm that was adopted as a symbol of life in Ancient Egypt.

The ankh is thought to be the first or original cross, having been created by Africans many years ago. The ankh is frequently depicted in the hands of great Egyptian figures like pharaohs and rulers, as a symbol of their longevity.

The ankh is also frequently represented in temples and in the hands of key Egyptian gods like Osiris, Isis, and Ra. It might also have a physical meaning: the ankh could represent water, air, and the sun in Ancient Egyptian civilization, all of which were thought to provide and preserve life.

In the article below, you will come to know the best PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh location guide.

PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh Location Guide

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Karnak I

First place in this PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh location guide is Karnak I. For this Ankh, you will need the Sandals of Ikumptet. Blast the fiery pots as you make your way through the building to the main room.

In order to get the Symbol of Time, blow up the pots across the room and jump the length of the ledge.

Now, return to the time door, which should be open. Finally, to obtain the Ankh, you have to jump to the top of the platforms.

Karnak II

For this Ankh, you’ll need Sobek’s Mask. As you resurface after going underwater to the checkpoint, the Ankh should be to your right-hand side.

Set Palace

Protective Anklets are highly recommended, but they are not required. After the checkpoint, the ankh is floating on lava on one of the platform locations.

Simply jump into the lava and collect the ankh. Remember to not stay for long, or you’ll be burned.

Cavern of Peril

Take a leap of faith above the green acid adjacent to the exploding pots. You will notice a tiny region there that you may glide through before you sink into the acid.

Once inside the tunnel, use a bomb to detonate a bomb against the right-hand wall, and the ankh should appear.

Horus Palace

Next in this PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh location guide is Horus Place. Jump on the moving platform in the room and turn left down the path to a clearing. Look up, and you should see the ankh floating on a ledge some distance away.

You’d have to use your bomb to get there. To gain extra leverage, aim the bomb towards your feet, jump, and then detonate the device. This must be done at the right moment.

To get the ankh, walk forward and halt slightly over the ledge once you’re in the air.

PowerSlave Exhumed Guide & Introduction

PowerSlave is developed by Lobotomy Studios and published on 10th, February 2022 on Steam. The game takes place in and around Karnak, Egypt, following an attack by the Kilmaat, a species of alien monsters. You’re the last survivor of an elite military force sent to investigate the threat.

Finally, PowerSlave Exhumed brings the traditional console experience to PC and newer console platforms, with improvements like modern resolution support, high frame rates, configurable FOV, and level design.

In addition, new elements such as mid-level checkpoints and varied difficulties have also been included.

That’s everything you need to know about PowerSlave Exhumed Ankh location guide. You can also read our new, Knights Raid Lost Skytopia Tier List rankings of the best heroes.

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