Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset – Best build guide

Today we will discuss the new Pokemon Unite Trevenant moveset and best build guide. Trevenant in Pokemon Unite was confirmed and was officially released on January 20, 2022, for players to use in the game. We will find out the Pokemon Unite Trevenant moveset and best build analysis to help players start playing with this strong defensive Pokemon.

Trevenant in Pokemon Unite is a high-sustain and high-durability defender that can survive anything that comes on its way. According to the developers, the strengths of Trevenant in Pokemon Unite are High durability, Early evolution and Strong disabler. On the other hand, weaknesses of Trevenant in Pokemon Unite are Lots of recoil damage and Low mobility.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset – Overview

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Moveset and Best build guide

Trevenant has been identified as a Defender. As a result, we can safely assume that Trevenant’s stats will be more defensive. It almost certainly has a higher Endurance and Support stat, with lower Mobility and Scoring values.

Trevenant Moves and Ability

This is the best guide on how to play Trevenant in Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch and Mobile. Read on for the Pokemon Unite Trevenant moveset, best builds, and more.

  • Curse → A move that tethers Trevenant to a wild Ludicolo while summoning a massive nail, which has been confirmed to be a type of curse. This could be part of Trevenant’s arsenal.
  • Wood Hammer → Next in Pokemon Unite Trevenant moveset is hammer. Trevenant summons a huge hammer from its head, which is called Wood Hammer. It can be used to smack opponents very hard.
  • Horn Leech → Trevenant can push any other Pokemon with its horns, stunning the enemy and healing itself in the process. This is Horn Leech, which is one of its core moves in the original games.
  • Unite Move (Phantom Forest) → Unite move summons a massive tree that deals a lot of damage and then provides a shield. The Pokemon also gains improved life steal and an unknown stack mechanic that appears to deal massive damage when full stack.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Best Build Guide

Now let us take a look at the Pokemon Unite Trevenant best build guide with a brief overview.

Trevenant Crowd Control Build

  • Moveset → Wood Hammer and Horn Leech
  • Held Items → Energy Amplifier, Focus Band and Buddy Barrier
  • Battle Item → Potion

This build is focused on giving your team steady crowd control, stunning enemies with Wood Hammer, and influencing their movements with Horn Leech. Remember to be dealing constant damage after using Horn Leech to shorten its cooldown. Energy Amplifier shortens the cooldowns of your moves and increases the recharge rate of your Unite Move.

This allows you to use them more frequently in combat. The Focus Band and Buddy Barrier give you the durability and survivability you need to stay alive and keep channelling your moves. Eject Button provides you more accessibility to set up for your team, especially when using Wood Hammer. If HP is a concern for you, equip Potion alternatively.

Trevenant Debilitator Tank Build

  • Moveset → Curse and Pain Split
  • Held Items → Score Shield, Focus Band, and Buddy Barrier
  • Battle Item → Potion

This is indeed a defensive build that focuses on weakening enemies with Curse and Phantom Forest while intentionally splashing damage during Pain Split. Pain Split is best used on damage dealers like Greninja, distributing the damage you take to them and preventing them from targeting you. Also, remember to fully charge Curse to reset the cooldown of your other move.

The Score Shield, Focus Band, and Buddy Barrier all provide the longevity and resilience you need to withstand as much damage as possible. Score Shield, on the other hand, can be replaced with Assault Vest, which offers less HP in exchange for more Sp. Defense. Because you’ll be taking damage on purpose throughout the game, a potion is the best battle item for this build because it gives you a quick healing tool.

And that’s all we’ve got on Pokemon Unite Trevenant moveset and best build guide. If you’re looking for more gaming fun outside the Poké-world, head over to our Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Beginner Guide and find a new game to play.

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