All new Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding Guide

Looking to raise a powerful Pokemon in PLA? Here is the new Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding guide for beginners. The breeding mechanisms in Pokemon Legends Arceus is similar to what we have seen in previous games. The breeding of Pokemon’s passes high individual values from the parents, many top level players adopt this to build the dominant Pokemon possible.

Breeding in Pokemon Legends Arceus is a time-consuming procedure. However, it very much necessary if you are committed to battling at the top level. So, if you are interested in learning more about Pokemon breeding, here is what you need to know from this new Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding guide.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding Guide

All new Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding Guide

This Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding guide will outline what breeding is, how it works, and where you can breed two Pokemon at the same time. Pokemon breeding can be beneficial in that it gives you additional, more powerful Pokemon’s. The newly created Pokemon’s most probably learns special moves that they wouldn’t normally have. These moves are known as Egg Moves, and they can only be acquired via breeding.

How to breed in Pokemon Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you must have two Pokemon of different or opposite genders with the same Egg Group in order to breed. In prior games, this usually meant placing two Pokemon in a Nursery and returning after a certain amount of time. When you returned, you’d find an Egg, that would hatch once you walked a certain number of steps.

The location of the Nursery in this game is currently unclear, and will be updated as soon as further information comes to light.

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, how can you chain breed

Next in our Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding guide is chain breeding. When it comes to getting particular Pokemon Egg Moves, things can get a little more tricky. In some circumstances, learning an egg move will necessitate using the “Chain Breeding” approach.

Chain breeding is when you breed a move to a Pokemon (Pichu) that can only learn it as an Egg Move (Wish) and then use that Pokemon (Pichu) to pass that move down to another Pokemon (Eevee) through more breeding. Due to the limited pokemon alternatives that share the same Egg Group, this strategy allows the pokemon (Eevee) to learn an Egg Move (Wish) that would otherwise be unavailable (Field).

How to breed Pokemon that don’t have a gender

There are some Pokemon’s in PLA that don’t have a gender, such as Hisuian Voltorb. Breeding of such Pokemon can only be with one single Pokemon which is Ditto. Breeding in Pokemon Legends Arceus typically necessitates the use of another pokemon of the same gender and egg group. Ditto, on the other hand, can breed with any Egg Group and Gender. When you finally start breeding Pokemon, Ditto becomes quite useful.

Keep an eye out for more in-depth Pokemon Legends Arceus Breeding guide. This may appear to be a lot of work, but those who aspire to be the best trainers will find this well worth it.

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