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Play Together is a simple game which is enjoyed by people of all ages. This engaging game, published by Haegin Co., Ltd, has a variety of mini-games as well as numerous character customization choices.

There are also various activities to participate in with other players from across the world. In this virtual game, you can shop at the plaza, eat, and attend lessons.

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Play Together Exam Answer Guide

play Together exam answer guide

Play Together Exam is an offline event that happens for a very limited period of time.

You launch a Google doc form using your official Gmail account. You will find over 20 multiple choice questions on topics ranging from what time does class start in Play School to which color of shoes does Yeonie wear.

Q1: When is Play Together’s global launch?
A: April 13, 2021

Q2: What is the name of the mini-game in the picture?
A: Wheel of Obstacles

Q3: What time does class start in Play School?
A: 09:00

Q4: Which of the following is NOT sold by Sika?
A: Cafe Latte

Q5: Which of the following item can be acquired through Collection?
A: Spicy Fish-shaped Pastry Rug

Q6: Which of the following is NOT said by Fisher?
A: Sea fishing is distinctive and fun

Q7: Which of the following is the cheapest product?
A: Light Orange Mouse Hat

Q8: The following picture has been drawn by a Play Together staff. What is the name of this fish?
A: Goliath Tigerfish

Q9: Which of the following fish does not appear in the Camping Ground?
A: Clown Fish

Q10: What color shoes does Yeonie wear?
A: Green

Q11: How many trees are planted in the Forgotten Island?
A: 24

Q12: You have successfully connected 9 shapes in the Connect Shapes class. What grade would you get?
A: C+

Q13: How many objects can you transform into in Zombie Virus?
A: 55

Q14: Which of the following brand did NOT collaborate with Play Together?

Q15: How many computers are there in Play School?
A: 30

Q16: How many hearts do you need to raise your pet to the maximum level?
A: 700

Q17: What is the time limit for a single stage at the Tower of Infinity?
A: 06:00

Q18: How many stages does the Obby Race have?
A: 200

Q19: Which of the following is not a Play Together NPC?
A: Ms. Nurse

Q20: Guess what this is!
A: Crowned Egg

That concluded this Play Together Exam Answer Guide.

In Play Together you must strive for more stars and put up more work in order to achieve excellent positions and a better lifestyle.

In order to win this casual-adventure game, you must first fulfill missions and everyday activities.

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