Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes (NEW) – Free items

Please note that the Plague Zone Survivors codes are valid for a very limited period of time only!

The game comes with a Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes system that allows you to receive free in-game items. The list of items includes upgrade points, health packs, EXP etc which help you to strengthen your defense at no additional cost.

Furthermore, if you find any of the Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes not working, notify us in the comments below. We will update the Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes list accordingly. We will add new Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes when they are become available. So visit often for updates.

Now, let us find out how to redeem Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes.

How to redeem Plague Zone Survivors Codes

If you want to redeem Plague Zone Survivors Codes but don’t know how to do that, follow the step-by-step process we’ve listed below.

  1. Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Open the Settings menu on the main screen.
  3. Tap on the gift box option – it will open an interface where you can input your gift code.
  4. Type in one of the active Plague Zone Survivors Codes that you’ll find below and hit Confirm.
  5. You will be rewarded immediately with free items.

Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes

Here are the latest Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes currently active in the game.

  • PZS0114 – Use this Plague Zone Survivors Gift Code for free rewards.

Did we miss any Plague Zone Survivors Gift Codes? Let us know by leaving a comment down in the section below!

Where to get new Plague Zone Survivors Codes

To receive new Plague Zone Survivors Codes, you can simply follow the developers on Twitter, or bookmark this page to receive all the latest updates. We keep a careful eye on any new Plague Zone Survivors Redeem Codes from the developers and will post the codes on this page as soon as they’re available.

About Plague Zone Survivors

At the beginning of this catastrophe, we could only hide and begged someone to kill these zombies and save us. We lived and counted seconds day by day. Now, after these days, we know how the zombies work. We are able to kill every zombie by ourselves. It is time to work together, to find our allies and kill all zombies, to clean this Plague Zone!

Plague Zone is available for Age 16+. Moreover, Plague Zone is free to download and play, it contains paid content as well.

Game Information

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