Pikmin Bloom Tier List – Best Flowers Guide

Our Pikmin Bloom Tier List talks about the best flowers in Pikmin Bloom mobile game. Pikmin Bloom flowers are an important part of the game. Therefore, it is essential to understand the types of flowers in Pikmin Bloom game. To help you with that, we have put together a detailed Pikmin Bloom Tier List and Pikmin Bloom flowers guide.

Before we jump into the Pikmin Bloom Tier List, let us first understand the concept of flowers.

Pikmin Bloom Flowers Guide

Pikmin Bloom allows you to grow flowers as you walk through the game. Similarly, as you walk around in Pikmin Bloom, you can plant flowers to help populate your surroundings. These reduce the amount of time it takes to rank up your Pikmin while also increasing the number of points you get from walking. It’s time to start walking once your Pikmin begins growing flowers.

After a few steps, Pikmin Bloom flowers will grow and produce petals for you to collect. It is a time-consuming process, as each Pikmin can drop petals up to six times per day. To avoid this, you can simply continue to tap your whistle to summon more Pikmin to collect petals for you.

Plant Pikmin Bloom Flowers

Now let us find out how to grow flowers in Pikmin Bloom mobile game. So after you have collected all of your petals in one place, you will need to plant them in the ground. In order to do so, you simply have to tap the flower icon near your whistle on the home screen of the game. After that, begin walking with the color petal you want to plant. The amount of time taken to plant flowers is fixed on the number of petals you have collected. Growing plants in Pikmin Bloom is very easy, as you simply have to start walking around the area to see petals blooming beneath your feet.

Pikmin Bloom Tier List – Best Flowers Guide

The Pikmin Bloom flowers are arranged from best to worst in this Pikmin Bloom Tier List. In Pikmin Bloom, there are four different kinds of flowers, each with a different level of rarity. We generally recommend Pikmin Bloom flowers with the rarest kinds.

  • Blue Petals → They are the rarest type of petals in this Pikmin Bloom Tier List. They produce blue flowers when grown, which are the most elusive.
  • Red Petals → The Red Petals are increasingly rare in the game. They are used to making red flowers.
  • Yellow Petals → They are slightly less common and are mainly used to produce yellow flowers.
  • White Petals → They are the most common type of petals in the game. It can be used to produce any color.

Pikmin Bloom Game Information

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