Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List Wiki – All Characters List

Not all characters play out the same, so this Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List can be used to categorize characters based on their abilities and performance.

The Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List is based on four levels. We have divided the large character pool based on how we think each character fits into one of them. We have spent some time with each character, and this tier ranking reflects our experience with them.

Not only that, but we recognize that everyone’s opinion differs when it comes to ranking Paradise Waifu Dream characters. As a result, this Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List is solely based on our personal experience, and is not open to debate or criticism.

Overview Of Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List

Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List

Following are the tiers that we have used to categorize the characters in Paradise Waifu Dream:

  • S → All the characters on the S-tier of Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List are among the best in the game. Their learning curve is not difficult, and they are also simple to master.
  • A → The A-tier characters are similar to the S-tier characters. They do, however, have at least one or two weaknesses, making them far from the best in the game.
  • B → All the characters in the B-tier category are comparable to A-tier characters in terms of performance. However, the shortcomings in their playing style limit their overall ability.
  • C → All the characters in the C-tier are below-average in game performances. The majority, if not all have weak attack abilities as well.

Paradise Waifu Dream Character List Wiki

Character Tier
Besib S Tier
Colossal S Tier
Dim S Tier
Lachesis S Tier
Taco S Tier
Blanchett A Tier
Love Laflyn A Tier
Atlopos A Tier
Leofa A Tier
Tom A Tier
Alof A Tier
Favna A Tier
Gyabin A Tier
Kaori Rei A Tier
Scarlet Swan A Tier
Dorothy C Tier
Kimira C Tier
Nomo C Tier
Roche C Tier
Tadashi C Tier

We can only advise that you take this Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List at face value. Furthermore, don’t expect that accumulating S-tier characters will automatically propel you to the top of the leaderboards.

How To Play Paradise Waifu Dream?

Paradise: Waifu Dream is now available in South East Asian nations for both Android and iOS only.

There has been no word on whether the game would be released outside of Southeast Asia. However, an APK version of the game is available for download for players of other regions.

That conclude our new Paradise Waifu Dream Tier List. We make every effort to update this tier list with the latest news and updates so bookmark this page for futures Paradise Waifu Dream Guide and related updates.

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