Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes (NEW) – Claim gift items

In this guide we will answer, how many Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes are available? What gifts items do they bring you? And how long will they be active?

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary, a real-life charity that cares for and loves elderly dogs, inspired this simulator game. Every one of the cute characters you will encounter in this game is based on a real-life dog.

But why stop there when you can redeem Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes to add some plants and other items to your collection. This guide will keep you informed about all active Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes. You can be sure that you won’t miss out on any freebies this way.

Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes List

Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes

There are currently only a few Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes available. Coupon codes are typically available for a limited time before becoming inactive. As a result, you should trade them in as soon as possible.

Code Description
FLOWERBEDUse this Old Friends Dog code for Flower Bed.
SERIPIXELRedeem this Old Friends Dog code for Dog Plant.
PAWBEDUse this Old Friends Dog code for Dog Paw Bed.
GIVINGTUESDAYRedeem this Old Friends Dog code for Dog Plush Bed.

How to redeem Old Friends Dog Game Gift Codes

Old Friends Dog gift codes can be redeemed for special items in the Barket by scrolling down to the Claim COUPON CODES here! Area at the bottom of the shop.

Old Friends Dog Game Official Description

Hello and welcome to the Old Friends Dog Game! Rescue senior pets and offer them a better life in this compassionate simulator. Your dogs’ loyalty to you grows as you feed, pet, and play with them. Each character has their own unique life story and endearing personality, and by caring for them, you can learn more about them and meet new doggy friends.

  • Take care of senior dogs – rescue and care for cute pets and spend your days giving them a great life!
  • Choose your story – in this sim you get to choose how each story unfolds! As your dog’s loyalty grows, more stories become available, and you make new doggy pals.
  • Decorate your sanctuary – decorate indoors and outdoors with cute furniture and toys that your pets will love.
  • Bake delicious treats – you don’t want your pooches to go hungry in this simulator! Use your kitchen to bake tasty treats for your pets, earn loyalty and unlock more stories.
  • Dress up your dogs in cute outfits! Each dog has adorable accessories that you can earn throughout the game.
  • Your doggy sim – complete with a custom profile, avatar, and a gallery of cute photos of every doggy.

Today’s Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes list is complete. We hope that you have found our Old Friends Dog Coupon Codes list useful. If you’re looking for more, check out our Gift Code for Legend of Hero M and My Heroes Dungeon Raid Codes and other related games.

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