NIKKE The Goddess of Victory Tier List & Reroll Guide

Let us show you how an ultimate NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list looks like

If you’re looking for a comprehensive NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list, below you’ll find all the units that are currently available in the game. This tier list will give you an overview of the best characters in NIKKE The Goddess of Victory game.

One of the top real-time third-person shooter role-playing games is NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, created by SHIFTUP and published by Level Infinite. The game’s third-person shooter action at its heart has been greatly simplified, making it a fairly casual gaming experience. In order to combat wicked mechas, players gather and use characters called NIKKE in the game.

The NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list we’ve created will cover not only the best characters, but also give you an idea of how to reroll in NIKKE The Goddess of Victory game.

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Nikke The Goddess of Victory Tier List

NIKKE The Goddess of Victory Tier List

The following are the base rarity of NIKKE and the likelihood of summoning them:

  • Super Super Rare NIKKE (4% Rate)
  • Super Rare NIKKE (43% Rate)
  • Rare NIKKE (53% Rate)

This NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list will be updated as we have more updates from the developers.

Who Are The Best Characters In NIKKE The Goddess of Victory?

The NIKKE we recommend for players to look forward to while getting started are as follows:

Snow White (SSR grade NIKKE)

She is one of the initial Nikke who fought alongside Anderson against the Raptures during the first Rapture invasion. She now patrols the surface looking for Chatterbox and hunting Heretics, her memories long gone. For the benefit of humanity, her only goal in life is to wipe out every last Remnant on the globe.

Even though her history is a mystery, she now possesses the trustworthiness of a great leader, and that is unquestionable. She honors those who have perished while battling the forces of evil.

Exia (SSR grade NIKKE)

She is a brilliant hacker who lacks comprehension for regular people due to her incredibly high IQ. Exia’s exceptional capacity to assess situations and her intense thirst for knowledge make her the backbone of the Ark’s intelligence agency.

As winning in games has gotten old for her lately, she now supports newbies, including the protagonist, out of personal accomplishment and for pleasure.

Drake (SSR grade NIKKE)

The third characters in this NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list is the Drake. She is the Missilis Industry Technology’s most deadly military force. She possesses a unique talent that enables her to sense radio waves with her body alone, enabling Metis to carry out operations without a human operator.

She does, however, have a tendency to withdraw and become passive when something offends her or hurts her sensibilities.

NIKKE The Goddess of Victory Character List

As of now, we have also created this list of characters available in NIKKE The Goddess of Victory for you to get an overview.

  • Yuni
  • Liberty
  • Maxine
  • Emma
  • Prima
  • Snow White
  • Julia
  • Signa
  • Miranda
  • Diesel
  • Campion
  • Ember
  • Mary
  • Admi
  • Lucilla
  • Espinel
  • Scarlet
  • Sugar
  • Exia
  • Alice
  • Noa
  • Soldier EG
  • Soldier FA
  • Product 08
  • Rapi
  • Neon
  • Delta
  • Product 12
  • iDOLL Flower
  • N102
  • iDOLL Sun
  • iDOLL Ocean
  • Ether
  • Soldier OW
  • Anis
  • Belorta
  • Mica
  • Product 23
  • Mihara

Next in this NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list is the reroll guide.

NIKKE The Goddess of Victory Reroll Guide

Performing a reroll in NIKKE The Goddess of Victory is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below carefully to easily shuffle the characters:

Because the game provides 10 summoning tickets as part of its promotional campaign, players in NIKKE Goddess of Victory can simply reroll. The players have complete control over how they spend these tickets on the standard summoning banner.

Because the rates for the best characters may exceed 4%, we recommend that players aim for at least two SSR NIKKEs.

Another option would be to delete and reinstall the game. Launch the game, wait for all the data to download, then skip all the tutorials and begin summoning.

Now that we’ve cleared this up, it’s time to get into the NIKKE The Goddess of Victory tier list!

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