Nikke The Goddess of Victory Review – Beginner Guide

Nikke: The Goddess of Victory is an immersive SF shooter RPG with gun girls. Read our review now.

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Nikke The Goddess of Victory Review

Nikke The Goddess of Victory Review – Beginner Guide

There is no stamina system. This can be seen as a good and bad thing. The good part is that you can decide when you want to stop. The bad part is… You can decide when you want to stop, lol. I ended up dumping a little over 9 hours into the game on the first day of CBT, and it was because I literally didn’t have a reason to stop until I became tired. This ALSO means that they’re a bit relentless with the enemies on the field since you don’t have anything to lose.

It’s literally just Time Crisis, Virtua Cop, etc. with waifus. Obviously, you don’t have to worry about clicking on the side of the screen to reload, change your ammo, or anything like that, but it uses the traditional shoot and cover system that you’re probably familiar with. The only big difference in this case is that you have a “barrier meter” which will decrease as your cover takes more and more damage.

Once it’s destroyed, you’re going to be without cover until the battle is finished. Each unit has their own barrier meter.

Every unit has a burst meter attached to them, but they come in different forms. There’s I, II, and III. What you want to do is basically combo them together, so you’ll activate a unit that has I burst, then follow up with a unit that has II burst, and finish with a unit that has III burst to enter what’s known as ‘Final Burst’. During this time, your attack power will increase (I think reload speed may be faster too, as well as charge abilities, but I’m not entirely sure off-hand). It lasts for like 10 seconds or so, so it’s definitely helpful during boss fights.

Speaking of boss fights; Some bosses are a bit of a pushover, but as you progress through the game, you will encounter bosses which have multiple parts you can destroy on them. For example, if they have a missile launcher, you can focus that to blow it up and stop them from launching any more missiles until it’s repaired. Judging from what I’ve seen so far, most bosses seem to have a core part and two additional parts (so it’s basically their main body piece and their weapons).

There are also instances where you will have to shoot down projectiles being thrown at you (sound familiar? lol) during the fight. One last thing to keep in mind is the red circle. Sometimes you’ll see red circles pop up on the boss. You have to shoot at them before the boss finishes charging up their attack, or they’ll release a rather devastating attack which ignores your barrier and does raw damage, so even if you’re behind cover, it won’t matter.

It’s usually not that big of a problem, but sometimes I’ll miss one if there are 3, and I don’t have enough time to destroy the last one because he keeps moving around all over the place, lol.

The gacha currency itself is pretty good from what I’ve seen so far. Not only that, but you also have a lot of ways to earn gacha tickets as well. Once you do x4 10 pulls, you unlock what’s called a ‘wishlist’. On the wishlist, you can choose which SSRs you’d like to see from specific manufacturers (5 per manufacturer). So, the next time you do actually trigger an SSR pull, the odds of you pulling a unit from your wishlist will increase (I’ve already pulled 3 SSRs from my wishlist so far and that’s out of 3 SSRs I’ve seen since making the wishlist, so it seems like the odds are pretty good you’ll get SOMETHING you want.

There’s an outpost/base in the game. You may be familiar with these from idle games and stuff, so you’ll be coming back to this a lot for resources. As you level up the base, you’ll get more exp mats, gold, and even equipment over time. Once a day you can quickly collect 2 hours’ worth of resources for free. You’re allowed to do it again 2 more times, daily, but you have to pay gems to do so at that point.

At the outpost, you can construct different buildings (police station, maid cafe, hospital, etc.) and more or less turn it into a town. You can also “synchronize” your units with other units to artificially boost their level. For example, let’s say you just pulled a new SSR, but you don’t have enough exp mats to catch them up with the rest of the group.

Well, if you throw them into the synchro list, they will become the lowest level of your current group (so, if your group consists of level 54, 53, 53, 52, 50, then they’ll automatically jump from level 1 to 50 as long as they’re synchronized). I haven’t felt the need to use this feature yet myself, but I assume it’s a nice way to get to play with units you don’t normally use, or try out new ones, to see what they’re capable of before committing to them.

The outpost is also where you can talk with your units, give them gifts, watch “episodes” when increasing their bond, listen to the jukebox (you can obtain tracks by just looking for them on the maps you fight on), etc. There’s also a recycle shop which allows you to boost the combat potential of your units. Basically, you use currency to buy shards which will improve attack units, defense units, and support units. There’s another side to the shop where you can buff them based on their manufacturer, so the recycle shop is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a way to buff them when you don’t have exp mats or new equipment yet.

There’s a handful of other content, outside the main campaign, you can participate in as well which involves exploring dungeons for rewards, participating in a simulator (also gives you rewards), tackling a tower to see how many floors you can go down, a raid battle (there’s a solo version you can fight 3 times a day and a multiplayer one which is only available for a limited time).

There are skins in the game as well. Admittedly, I haven’t seen any though. I just know they exist since it shows ‘default skin’ when checking the character’s profile/stats.

Following are the available weapon types, for those that are curious:

Nikke The Goddess of Victory Weapons List

  1. Assault rifle
  2. Sub Machine gun
  3. Shotgun
  4. Rocket Launcher
  5. Sniper Rifle, and
  6. Gatling Gun

Each unit also has their own element type and such, so be sure to keep this in mind as well. While there is equipment in the game, they don’t come in the form of weapons, so there isn’t a weapon gacha or anything like that, don’t worry.

I would like to add one last thing though; There are still a few days left of the CBT, but I’d rather not get heavily invested in it since they’re wiping the data anyway. I think there is one fault I would like to point out with this game, which could become rather problematic as you progress.

So, I basically reached halfway into chapter 7 when I finally hit my first wall in terms of content. No big deal, right? Just level up the units and try again. Well, there’s just one problem. This is where the fun kinda stops, and you realize NIKKE is an idle game. You’ll have to wait for your resources from your outpost in order to get more exp mats to level up your units.

You can’t just redo stages and keep fighting to earn exp mats. Once you kill something, it’s gone for good. Nothing ever respawns. So yeah, I basically reached a point where I had absolutely no way of advancing and was forced to wait for 10+ hours just to even get enough exp mats to level up my squad and make some progress, only to hit a wall again, and now the process repeats itself.

While I did thoroughly enjoy NIKKE for what it is early on, I feel like it’ll have a lot of problems when you want to try and make progress later on, especially since the cap is like level 160 or 180, I forget, which is going to take FOREVER.

That brings us to the end of our Nikke The Goddess of Victory review and guide. If you still don’t see the information you are looking for then go through their official website.

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